Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Get Awkwardly Close In Their "High School" Video


If seeing

Lil Wayne


Nicki Minaj

frolic romantically on a bed together is the last thing you want to see, then you'll be in for quite a treat thanks to Nicki's "High School" music video. And I do mean "treat" in a make yourself throw up in your mouth just a little bit kind of way. In the song's visuals, the two rappers serve as romantic interests who try to pull a fast one on El Jefe (who definitely should've been played by

Danny Trejo


And can we just talk about the bedazzled face mask for a second? I don't understand why one would seem so intent on looking fashionable while robbing someone of millions. Also, escaping via helicopter definitely goes down as the loudest and most obvious escape ever.