Numark Launches "Spin Doctors" Viral Video Series

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In anticipation of the release of their forthcoming XBox/Wii/PS3 title,

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ

, Numark has launched a new viral video series entitled "Spin Doctors." The inaugural installment profiles

DJ Numark

, a Los Angeles native who took his name from the premier DJ equipment company.

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ

is set to hit stores for PS3, XBox and Wii on May 10. In the meantime, readers can check out

this Booth-exclusive video

for an inside look at the game, courtesy of

Mix Master Mike


Beastie Boys




Numark 4Trak DJ Controller Videos

The Numark 4Trak is finally here! The 4Trak is the newest Traktor Professional Digital DJ Controller brought to us by Numark DJ Division. The 4Trak is like the very successful Numark NS6 controller, but instead of working with Serato Itch, users can now use the 4Trak with Traktor and enjoy a perfect one-to-one mapping of all the Traktor controls right at the DJ's fingertips. We have a Numark 4Trak in the Lab for a Full HD-Video review which will be ready in a week or so. In the meantime, you can check out the new introduction, overview, and mapping tutorial videos inside.


Numark X5 Mixer Unboxing Video

The newly released Numark X5 2-channel Digital battle mixer has just arrived on my doorstep for a full review. In the meantime, I have created another unboxing/unpackaging video so everyone can see exactly what you get when you order a brand new Numark X5 mixer. Complete Video Coverage inside.


Numark NS7III Unboxing & Performance [Video]

Our own Numark NS7III is now in its way to the lab for the full unboxing and review/demo treatment by yours truly. In the meantime, Numark has released its own unboxing & setup video as well as a cool Serato DJ performance video to show users what its like spinning on the new NS7III with those three shiny screens that allow DJ's to finally ditch the laptop screen for good.


Numark Dashboard Performance [Video]

Numark DJ has released a brand new triple-screen device called the Dashboard which will allow users to connect it to any Serato DJ setup in order to view most of the valuable information DJ's need such as waveforms, track information, effects, and more. The Dashboard is pretty much like the Numark NS7III Controller screens that are attached to an adjustable stand and can connect to any Serato DJ controller or DVS setup that is out there. Check out this quick video showing the Dashboard in action as we await our own review coming soon!