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A Musical Tour Through Nashville (aka More Than Just Country)


Does the South run New York? East coast, or west coast? Where is that new big rapper from? Drake's from Canada, so why is he rooting for the Yankees? Hip-hop has a borderline unhealthy obsession with geography; more so than any other genre. It's comical. When first finding out about a rapper, one of my initial questions always is, "where are the from?" But when I hear about a band or singer, rarely do I even care. Perhaps that's why I was surprised to find out that Nashville was a hot bed for non-country new music talent. Thankfully, Pepsi Pulse turned me on to these Nashville-bred artists and more.

Wild Cub:

Most artists leave the country and head to New York to find fame, but Keegan DeWitt, one fifth of Wild Cub, ain't most artists. He actually left Brooklyn to pursue music full time in Nashville. It worked, though, because there he found the other four Cubs. He could move to Mars for all I care, as long as he keeps making fun, feel-good music. Wild Cub is one to add to your summer playlist. Their layered, yet light and fluffy sound, along with DeWitt's intoxicating vocals, make them a refreshing pick for a hot summer day; the music equivalent of a cannonball into an ice cold pool.

The Features:



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Great name! You may not have previously heard of The Features, but you have definitely heard of Kings Of Leon, who are most likely your favorite rapper's favorite band...or at least one of 'em. The Features just so happen to be the first band signed to Kings Of Leon's new label imprint label, Serpents & Snakes. With a catchy, upbeat sound, splashed with just touch of rock to give it some punch - hell, I think I even heard a little country twang - this group might just be the next Kings Of Leon, or the first The Features.

Those last two names may be new to us, but DJBooth is no stranger to a few Nashvillians like Rihanna collaborator Mikky Ekko...

...and Rio, who recorded a music video at the state fair in Nashville.

Those are just some of the seemingly thousands of Nashville artists vying for your attention. Just goes to show you that there is talent everywhere. Even in Honky Tonk heaven, you can find some DJBooth approved artists, and if there are more out there (especially rappers) that we should know about, let us know in the comment section below!

For Pepsi Pulse's full run down on new Nashville talent, click here.



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