Polo Grounds Music Group/J Records rapper Hurricane Coming


New York, NY -- There's a storm brewing in Shreveport, Louisiana. It is a storm that takes the form of a cultural movement destined to alter Americas cultural landscape the same way the crunk movement led by Lil Jon altered pop culture a few years ago. This new movement is called the Ratchet movement and it is helmed by a dynamic artist aptly named Hurricane Chris. The eighteen year old Shreveport native is currently causing quite a commotion down South with his blazing hot Polo Grounds Music/J Records single, A Bay Bay.

According to Hurricane Chris, A Bay Bay has its genesis in the namesake of the Ratchets movement cornerstone DJ, Hollyhood Bay Bay, who spins at a club called KoKo Pellis. Whenever the DJ would come in the club the crowd would start chanting hey Bay Bay, hey Bay Bay. After a while the crowd would do the chant whenever the club got ratchet regardless of who was on the wheels of steel.

That became so catchy that I changed it from somebodys name to a slang A Bay Bay, says Hurricane Chris. Now its a word, it means fa sho.

If you havent heard Hurricane Chris A Bay Bay then youre missing out on the hottest club single since Lil Jons Bia Bia or E-40s Tell Me When To Go. The song is literally sweeping the nation like an uncontrollable firestorm, reeking havoc on dance floors from the H Town (Houston, Texas) to the ATL (Atlanta, Georgia) and everywhere in between.

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