Raheem DeVaughn Releases "The Art of Noise" Mixtape [Download]


Washingto, DC --

Raheem DeVaughn

, the neo-soul singer/songwriter last seen on




of "Friday (Shut The Club Down)," is back in the Booth with his latest mixtape,

The Art of Noise

. Featuring beats by

Cool & Dre


Jamil "Face" Johnson


AB the Producer

, and more, the 19-track mixtape is available for free download at the link below.

The Art of Noise Tracklist:


1. Godspeed

2. So Amazing

3. Cocaine Dreams

4. Walk You to the Dance Floor

5. Club Hop Feat. T-Pain

6. Planet Body Rock

7. I Wanna Love You ft. Young Chris

8. Night to Day Song by Al B Sure

9. Talk Sh*t to You

10. Object of My Affection

11. Weatherman

12. Insomnia

13. Beat it Up

14. Desire Interlude

15. Lay Awhile

16. Absent Hearts

17. Back to Your Heart

18. Pieces of Clay "Marvin Gaye Remake"

19. The Hennessey Joint

Download The Art of NoiseHere