Does Anyone Know Who This Dope Rapper Aristotle Is?


(No, not that Aristotle.)

Fair warning before we begin, what you are about to read is only for those who enjoy engaging in some serious

Rap Nerdery

. If you don't know that Cee-Lo used to be in Goodie Mob, you might as well just stop reading now.

So, the homey


hit me up the other week to say that he had a Eminem freestyle cypher. But while Slim Shady is in fine form on the mic, what really caught his ear was the rapper who lays down the third verse,


. Aristotle's dope, and during his flow he mentions an album called "The Malpractice", but despite Peet's best efforts he just couldn't figure out who the hell Aristotle was. or track down more material from him.

Turns out I can't either. So I'm turning to you RefinedHype Nation. Anyone got more info on Aristotle? I know one of my fellow rap nerds out there has to have something.