Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash Strikes Los Angeles



Dim Mak’s stage at Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash


Los Angeles, CA |

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– Last week Los Angeles showed the

Red Bull Music Academy

that the United States edition of Culture Clash can be just as live as London. Over 1,500 music lovers made their way to Exchange L.A. downtown to watch their favorite music collectives battle it out to see who is L.A.’s best. The contenders were

Dim Mak, Dub Club, Smog

, and

Stones Throw

and they had four rounds to show the crowd their best and hope to get crowned L.A.’s top collective.

Jah Faith performs for Dub Club

Each collective was given their own stage, in their own corner of the venue with the crowd filling in the middle and the balconies. Round one saw each crew getting the crowd amped using their unique mixing styles and notable names from each crew. Some highlights from round one was

Dub Club

putting their spin on Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It,”


’s classic dubstep selections,

Stones Throw

mixing old and new with Snoop and Michael Jackson and finally

Dim Mak

with a house-party themed stage complete with sofa and beer-pong.

Smog (on left stage) gets wild cheers from the crowd

All the collectives brought their best, but in the end, there could only be one winner. By a roaring approval from the crowd, Stones Throw was crowned LA’s top music collective and Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash’s first ever U.S. champions.

Stones Throw wins the first Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash to be held in the U.S.

For a round-by-round breakdown of the night's festivities, plus even more pics,

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