RefinedHype Is Merging With DJBooth (Important Announcement or Whatever)

Everything you love about RefinedHype, now on DJBooth.

I only know how to be completely honest with y'all, so here's the deal. Starting this coming Monday night (5/26), RefinedHype is going to merge into the mothership, aka

The DJBooth

Ok, take a deep breath. I'm going to walk you through this. Here's what that means...

Starting on Monday night, when you hit RefinedHype.com, you're going to be automatically redirected to the Features section of DJBooth. Existing articles will also be sliding over to DJBooth; so if you Google "

Drake Sports Allegiances

" and click on the RefinedHype link, you'll find yourself on that exact same article, just on DJBooth instead of RefinedHype. 

In terms of new articles, nothing will change but the URL. Everything you love about RefinedHype - "

Absurdly Detailed Investigations

", "



the podcast

, me writing about

whatever the fuck I want

 - will still be going up, just on DJBooth instead of RefinedHype. If you've been paying close attention, this shift already started this week with the

Slaughterhouse quiz

, the



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Think about it like moving apartments. All the same furniture from your old place will be in the new place and the same friends will still come over. The address is just different, and now you've got some granite counter tops in the kitchen or whatever the fuck people look for in new apartments now. 

But I digress. More importantly, here's why we're making the move....  

A few years ago myself, DJ Z and


(aka the Rap Interwebz Illuminati) decided we wanted to do more creative and opinionated articles. But DJBooth was founded on the idea of being a completely non-biased, objective place to hear all the latest music. So boom, RefinedHype was born as the bad cop to DJBooth's good cop, a place where people could go to get straight up, no hold barred articles on hip-hop (and

also squirting


We had no idea what to expect, but something insane happened; it worked. Frankly, it worked better than I possibly expected. Even though we were breaking nearly every rule about what a successful site was "supposed" to do - in an era of aggregation we did longer articles, killed galleries and listsicles - RefinedHype became a significant force in the rap interwebz in its own right. And on top of that, we built a genuine community, a Nation if you will, of people who really care about hip-hop and are just just generally cool human beings. 

But as DJBooth continues to grow into a music streaming monster, it's become more and more apparent that the lack of a real voice on the site is the missing ingredient. And if we're going to give DJBooth a voice, a personality, it's going to be RefinedHype's. Merging the two sites will allow us to do the articles we've become known for on an even larger scale, expose DJBooth's music listeners to RefinedHype's amazeballs writing, and give RefinedHype readers immediate access to new music they've been asking for. 

That's why I'm being so careful not to say RefinedHype is "closing" or "shutting down", because it's not. We're going to continue to write the same articles you love and/or drive you insane, we're going to continue to build this community of dope people we've got going, and we're going to do some new awesome shit because y'all have done so much to build RefinedHype, the only way I could possibly repay you is with even more awesomer shit.  

So this isn't an end, it's a beginning. I'm sorry, that was an unbelievably corny thing to write, let me put it in a way we can all relate to - 

it's a celebration, show Charlie Murphy your titties


See y'all on Monday. 

[Nathan S. is the managing editor of The DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. He also occasionally talks in podcast form and appears on RevoltTV. His beard is awesome.

This is his Twitter




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