Re-Produced Profile: Sean Divine [DJBooth Interview Exclusive]

The third of three participants in round three of our Re-Produced Series steps into the Booth for an exclusive interview.

Next Wednesday, October 31,

The DJBooth

will release the latest installment of


, an exclusive EP series in which three hand-picked producers put their own spin on a record by a reader-approved artist. Number three in the series will be based around "

We Up

," a record off Philly rhymesayer



Freedom of Speech

LP. In anticipation of the project's arrival, we're making sure each of the participating beatsmiths has been properly introduced to our readership with a series of

exclusive producer profiles


In the third and final profile, we chop it up with North Carolina repper and frequent



Sean Divine


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today in the Booth.

Producer Name:

Sean Divine

Years Producing:


What tools and/or production software do you use?

I use Virus, Motif, Cubase and Pro Tools.

Head phones or monitors?

For headphones I'm using the ATH-M50 and my monitors are the Event TR8.

What production work are you most proud of thus far in your career?

I produced and mixed YONAS', debut album,

The Proven Theory

, as well as his single "The Transition."

Describe the process by which you "Re-Produced" Freeway's "We Up" record.

I didn't listen to the original record beyond lining up the vocal in my session. I wanted to be as fresh in my approach as possible and give the record a truly new interpretation. It's a street record, but the message and vibe are universal. I wanted the rhythm tracks and bass to be aggressive but still keep the overall feel uplifting and inspirational to go with Freeway's performance. I really just focused on capturing what Free was saying musically.

I started with the drums and got a nice groove going, then I programmed some sounds on the Virus and using plugins in Cubase. I wanted the verses to be left more open musically to not distract the listener from Freeway's content. Once the hook comes in, it's a wider anthem type sound with a lot of instrumental layering going on. For the bridge section, I stripped down the instrumentation to just drums and 808s.

What should readers expect from you in the coming months?

Lots of new production work with amazing artists and hopefully some records you'll be hearing exclusively here at DJBooth.