Rick Ross Prepares Sophomore Release "Trilla"


MIAMI, FL -- Some would decide to relax after a year of phenomenal success, enjoying the fruits of their labor, but multi-talented rapper Rick Ross is just getting started. With several projects in tow, 2007 will be the year for The Boss, as he prepares for his highly anticipated, sophomore release, "Trilla," via Def Jam/Slip N' Slide while managed by E-Class Management.

What may have seemed to many, like an overnight success, his journey has been 12 years in the making; his hard work and dedication has surely paid off. Mr. Ross equates his success to putting God first, never giving up and maintaining his grind. For years, he distributed his own mixtapes, in addition to serving as a ghostwriter for several well-known recording artists while staying true to the game.

"It's crazy, when I finally broke through, cats were like, "Is that?.... naaaww.. it can't be" But yeah it was me, the same dude they have been hearing and hearing about for years," says the superstar.

The truth of the matter is, Rick Ross has arrived and he is here to stay.



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Made famous for his smash hit Hustlin', while just this past year his debut, "Port of Miami," which is now certified platinum, held down the Bill Board Charts for several weeks at # 1. Superseding all expectations, the mastertone for the hit "Hustlin" broke all music industry records by reaching platinum status a week prior to his album release in August 2006.

Rick Ross is engaged in preparing for his sophomore effort "Trilla," which will add the the fire and further propel "The Movement."

"Miami is on fire and we are not going to stop until we reach the top, we have put in endless hours in the studio, promoting and honing our craft. 2007 is the year of the "Trilla," says Poe Boy Entertainment, Vice President, Alex "Gucci Pucci" Bethune.

"Trilla," expected to be a classic, is a conglomeration of music's finest and will undoubtedly set the stage for Hip-Hop and will raise the bar several notches.

Please also stay tuned for M.I.Yayo a documentary about, the most notorious drug king-pins in Miami, in which Rick Ross makes his executive producing debut. This movie will also be released the same day as "Trilla."



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