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Big Sean, Rihanna & Hot Dogs: Meet Earlly Mac


Thanks to the glorious, magical internet, we are inundated with quality music every day, every hour, every minute. While too much music is a very good problem, it also makes getting to know new artists a bit tough. Who has time to research an artist when there are thousands more waiting? Me, that's who. Detroit native, and signee to Big Sean's imprint (Finally Famous) Earlly Mac, has been making a name for himself at The DJBooth recently with "Naturally" and the Big Sean-assisted "Do It Again." Now, with his EP, God Knows, set to drop tonight, it's time you get to know the music and the man who makes it. Here are some need-to-know facts about Earlly before you dive into God Knows.

He's a Songwriter Too:

In addition to creating his own music, Earlly isn't afraid to let his fellow recording artists borrow his brain.

"Most of the time, especially with Sean, it's a brainstorm kind of thing. I would just plug in and input what I felt was needed and then he would run with or not. Except for this one situation where I actually had the chance to sit down with Rihanna and write a song with her."

How did that come about?

"I was in the studio with Sean and we were supposed to let her hear something and Sean had this idea already, but we didn't have anything for the verses. So we just sat down and started to fill in the verses."

Which song is that?

"It's an unreleased track. It's called, actually I can't really tell you what it's called because I don't know what's going to happen with it, but sitting down and writing with her was surreal. I'm really appreciative of the experience."

So is it like a beat-placement, where you just don't know?

"I know nothing. All I have is pictures to back it up that I was there and hopefully my bank account reflects it one day. I really don't know because I'm not in the circuit as much as I need to be; I don't have the connection to Rihanna like that. I took it as I got to do a really cool thing with some cool people and some great energy. I can say I did it so if it comes out great, but if not, I gotta keep moving. It's definitely a highlight for me though."

He Has a Song With Juicy J (Kinda):

Now, working with RiRi is a highlight, but it's not his only brush with a major player in the game. Earlly told me how a potential blockbuster track with Juicy J was flubbed due to producer issues.

"I had recorded a song with SayItAin'tTone called "I'm On Deck," and we wanted to put it on our tape. So one day, we were taking a break from recording and I don't know why or how, but Three 6 was at the mall; the Somerset Mall in Detroit. Tone already knew Juicy J, through Sean, and we asked them to send us a verse and, sure enough, a couple weeks later he sent us a verse. That was the re-emergence of Juicy too, right when he was coming back.

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So I had a song with me, Sean and Juicy J, and the dude lost the beat. He just couldn't find it. I wanted to get it mixed for real, but he didn't have the beat anymore. So we just put it out. I was ignorant back then; we just put it out. The song is out now, it's called "On Deck," but we flubbed it. I almost don't even want to talk about it because I still feel it. I had an exclusive Juicy J verse and I just squandered it. So now, I just make sure on all my Ts are crossed and my is are dotted."

"Naturally" ft. JMSN is a Dope, Dope Song:

So the feature with Juicy J didn't exactly work out. I'll tell ya though, one that did definitely work was "Naturally," which features long time DJBooth-favortie, JMSN. When the song was released I thought, "God damn, JMSN is perfect for this." So perfect, in fact, I thought the song may have been made with him in mind. I was wrong.

"I was in a hotel room in Atlanta with my producer and he was playing music, and I was like, "Damn what's this?!" So I went to take a shower...and came up with the whole song. About a month later, I went to L.A., connected with JMSN, played him the beat, and he put his part on it; he just started kind of freestyling on the beat.  It was actually like two different songs; we didn't make what you hear. I had a part separately and he had a part, so I put 'em together and made it work. I was worried how I was going to make it make sense, but it came through."

He Thinks a Hot Dog is a Sandwich:

Now, ever artist has Twitter, Instagram, and the normal PR stuff, but I can guarantee very few match Earlly Mac's offline hustle with carwashes and hot dog giveaways. Hot dog giveaways?!

"In Detroit, our cultural food of choice is Coney dogs. Our diners, our greasy-spoon diners, we call 'em Coney Islands. If you want to feed somebody from Detroit, you buy 'em a Coney Dog. We all grew up on it, so I gave away some Coney Dogs. I was supposed to give away 313, for the Detroit area code, but we ended up giving away like 700."

So, I think that makes you rap's hot dog expert. As the hot dog expert, I have to ask, is a hot dog a sandwich?

"It's the cousin of a sandwich. It would be in the sandwich family."

But isn't that disrespectful to the hot dog to call it a sandwich? It's like saying it can't stand on its own.

"Look, I'm going to tell you why. Okay, you have human beings right? You have somebody from Africa, somebody from China, and somebody from Australia. Now, they may look different, they may do different things, they may eat a different way, but they all have fingers, eyes, and hair; they are all humans. It's the main, components, the meat and the bread."

But isn't a sandwich two pieces of bread?

"It's the meat and something to cradle it. That's a sandwich. It's not a sandwich exactly, but it's in the sandwich family."

Regardless of whether or not you agree with his stance on hot dogs, you need to check out Earlly's God Knows EP. The man's awesomeness in real life carries over to his music; he is fun and unique and his personality really shines through in his music. Right now you can pre-order the project off iTunes, and later tonight DJBooth will be offering a stream of the album. Also, be sure to follow Earlly on Twitter for future hot dog giveaways, and check his artist profile when you are craving some more music.

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for His favorite album is “College Dropout,” but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth.]



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