Kanye West's "Guilt Trip" Was for 'Watch The Throne', Producer S1 Says

S1 reveals he also has an unreleased JAY-Z verse from the session.

We promised more gems from S1 and we're delivering! 

During this year's A3C festival, we hit up the ProAudio conference to talk to one of hip-hop's most accomplished producers, Symbolic One, and following his talk about Logic's album, we get some Kanye-related revelations. 

Ready for this? 

According to S1, "Guilt Trip" was originally recorded as part of the Watch The Throne sessions, with JAY-Z even going so far as to throw down some vocals. When the song didn't end up making the album Kanye West held onto it and brought a revamped version, the version we know, to "Yeezus." Well then, mind blown

Keep an eye out for more gems from S1, including an even bigger Kanye disclosure, coming soon...