S1 Details Lupe Fiasco's "Tetsuo & Youth" & Black Vietnam Albums (Bonus Lupe Text)


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What a ride it's been. First, Symbolyc One (S1) talked about his work on Logic's new album and revealed there's a Raekwon and A$AP Rocky track on the way. Then he said that "Guilt Trip" was originally for Watch the Throne before Yeezus and has an unheard Jay Z verse. (What?!?!) And THEN, he confirmed Ye's working on a new album and there's a good chance it will have a much more positive vibe. 

In the last piece of our interview with S1 from this year's A3C ProAudio conference, S1 talks about recording Lupe Fiasco's upcoming Tetsuo & Youth album and says it's a return to the classic Lupe sound and details the duo's Black Vietnam project. Plus, we get a peak at an actual text message from Lupe. So there's that, which is awesome. 

We've hit the end of the road with S1's interview, but stay tuned for more A3C videos from 9th Wonder, Cardo, Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital and many more, coming soon...