Macklemore, Ass & Kendrick Rapping in Spanish: It's Schoolboy Q's "Collard Greens" Video


As if we needed any more reasons to love


, literally hours after

Ab-Soul dropped, “Christopher DRONEr”

(which featured the bells from NFL Flims),

Schoolboy Q

released the visuals for the Kendrick Lamar assisted cut, “

Collard Greens



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”. Seriously, two big releases in one day? I hope this becomes a regular thing.

This video, and the song for that matter, is the perfect example of why I love


. The beat is dope, and while I have yet to do so, I am sure this is perfect for blasting in the whip and screams party/mainstream appeal. Still, while this would go over well at any party, it has that unique, left-of-center vibe that still appeals to those who don’t really go for the liquor-pouring cuts.

Both Kendrick, who raps in Spanish, and Schoolboy are definitely having fun with their bars, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t well-done and oh so enjoyable. It might be weird and fucking off the wall, but they don't sacrifice the quality. Very few emcees could pull off this type of blend but these two hit it out of the park.

Plus there are Obama masks, booty and bucket hats, what more do you need? The video is truly ignorant brilliance...to the nth degree. Don't think, just watch and enjoy; sometimes its OK to turn your brain off. Oh yeah, Macklemore is in the video around the 1:10 mark. so there’s that.

Nathan Update

: Can I throw in a bonus "

Find Her

"? That was a rhetorical question, I'm doing it. Girl with the blond hair at the :46 mark and throughout....find her.



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