Shaun Boothe Raps the Unauthorized Biography of Jimi Hendrix [Video]


Toronto, ON -- Back in January,

Shaun Boothe

brought us a special

fourth installment

of his

Unauthorized Biography Series

, in which he gave his rapped take on the life stories of both Martin Luther King, Jr. and then-President Elect Barack Obama. Now, the Toronto emcee's back with Unauthorized Biography number five and a few words of explanation regarding the delay: "I been on tour nonstop and it¹s damn near impossible to get these videos done when I¹m not home. I work hard but, with that said, I've always been the type of artist who prefers timeless to timely."

In the latest entry, Boothe details

Jimi Hendrix

's rise from a difficult childhood to musical superstardom, flowing over guitar work by the rock legend himself: