SoulStice: Dead Letter Perfect


Chicago, IL -- To say that SoulStice spits knowledge would be an understatement; after all, he does have a Masters Degree in Electrical Computer Engineering and holds down a position with the Department of Defense! Yet, SoulStice iterates that the challenge of balancing his high-powered “day job” and his passion for music is the creative fuel behind his unique brand of hip hop. Years of grind and immersion in hip hop culture culminated in the fall of 2005 for SoulStice with the release of his debut album North by Northwest: Solid Ground. Released independently through Wandering Soul Records, the album was quickly hailed by critics and fans as one of the best hip hop albums of 2005. The success of the debut was followed up in 2006 with the release of the collaborative album Dark Water, which SoulStice crafted as part of the hip hop duo, Wade Waters.

SoulStice has since been featured in XXL Magazine, The Source, URB, Scratch, Elemental, allhiphop.com and many other key hip hop publications and websites. Renowned journalist Tavis Smiley has even declared himself a fan of his music, interviewing SoulStice and Wade Waters on his nationally syndicated radio show. Performing throughout the US and Europe, SoulStice has shared stages with artists as diverse as John Legend and Wu-Tang Clan and has collaborated with AZ of Illmatic fame, former Terror Squad member, Cuban Link, Justus League’s 9th Wonder and many others. SoulStice is also a voting member of the Recording Academy and attended the 2007 Grammy Awards this past February. This fall, SoulStice is set to release his sophomore solo effort, Dead Letter Perfect, which he calls “the perfect hip hop album.”

Dead Letter Perfect exemplifies SoulStice’s blend of Chicago soul with east-coast boom-bap; resulting in what he insists is “commercial hip hop” with awareness and attitude. Hip-hop is considered by many to be “classic” when it paints a picture vivid enough to be experienced by any listener, regardless of their own background. Throughout Dead Letter Perfect, SoulStice documents his one-of-a-kind journey from the windy city of Chicago to the nation’s capitol of Washington, DC, and across the globe. Although “classic” is a claim that only time can verify, SoulStice’s claim to have made the perfect album can only be decided by the legion of Hip-hop fans worldwide.

Tracklisting and credits for SoulStice’s Dead Letter Perfect:

1.) “Southside Ride” (produced by Oddisee)

2.) “High As You Wanna” (produced by Analogic)

3.) “Be Perfect” (produced by K-Salaam & Beatnick)

4.) “Book of Days” (produced by Oddisee)

5.) “World’s On Fire” f/Haysoos (produced by Oddisee)

6.) “Not Perfect” f/Olivier Daysoul (produced by M-phazes)



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7.) “Be Strong” (produced by SBe Audiologist)

8.) “Dreamer” (produced by SBe Audiologist)

9.) “Like This” (produced by Oddisee)

10.) “The Time” f/ Stef (produced by SBe Audiologist)

11.) “Get It Right” f/Oddisee and Olivier Daysoul (produced by Oddisee)

12.) “Still Love” (produced by M-phazes)

13.) “No Chance” f/Wordsworth (produced by Analogic)

14.) “Recognize” (produced by Bring it Back)

15.) “The Quickening” (produced by Oddisee)





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