A Tribute to Stacey Dash (& Her Dress) in the "All Falls Down" Video

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It's Tuesday, and everyone out there in RefinedHype Nation knows that means it's time for a new "Mystery Booty of the Week." But this week I'm switching things up a a bit. As we outlined yesterday, this is "College Dropout Week," five full days of "College Dropout"-related material. 

Now someone smarter than me (aka everyone) could have figured out how to incorporate a "Mystery Booty" into "College Dropout," but I just couldn't. At the same time, I can't just leave y'all hanging without your weekly dose of booty. I would never foist such an injustice on the people I care about. So how about instead we spend some time looking at "MBOW" alum, and Greatest MILF Alive contender, Stacey Dash, in "All Falls Down". Any complaints? I thought not. 

Even ten years later, this video still exemplifies exactly why we love Stacey Dash (besides, you know, the masturbation and week smoking). I don't know if anyone's ever come closer to looking like a supermodel, while simultaneously looking like the girl next door you totally have a shot with, than Dash. She's jaw-dropping, and also, maybe, just maybe, she'd be shedding a tear over leaving you at the airport too. 

That dress should be registered as a national treasure. Enjoy...

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Closing Notes:

1) Had TSA already changed its policies in 2004 when this video was filmed? Could you still walk up to someone's gate then? 

2) Can we track down this guy

3) This might just be the greatest picture in the history of photography