Statik Selektah, Prodigy & J-Zone’s Official NYC Listening Party [Exclusive Coverage]

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New York, NY -- Last Thursday was a night of celebration as emcees, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts gathered for the official NYC listening party for not one, but three hitmakers. Post-modern haunt Stay Lounge was the perfect venue for the triple-header; with free-flowing drinks, celebrities, and new music from





Statik Selektah

, guests weren’t going anywhere.

Statik Selektah’s

Stick 2 Tha Script

was one of the LPs that was introduced to the crowd for the jam-packed evening. Despite being best known for his compilations with hip hop wordsmiths, the Lawrence, Mass. DJ said that this time around there will be a lot more homage paid to lyricism and beat-making. “Expect better production, more tracks, and great lyrics from great artists this time around,” Statik said.

Stick 2 Tha Script

offers both underground and mass appeal, blending mixtape veterans like


with big-names like

Bun B



. “



Tony Touch

have had [compilation albums too], but mine will be different because there will be a lot more cuts on this album,“ he said.


showed love for the album, as his track “

Mr. Popularity

” has received lots of buzz online within recent months. From the ruggedly-sensitive ivory-tickling of DJ Booth favorite "

To The Top

," to the soulful hook singing on the




-assisted “

For the City

," and the calm complexity of “

Cali Nights

,” featuring

Glasses Malone


Mistah Fab



, everyone agreed that

Stick 2 Tha Script

is much appreciated.

The next album was Prodigy,

Big Twins


Un Pacino

’s collaborative effort,

Product of the 80s

. Although there are only a few appearances by P’s cronies on the album, the H.N.I.C shows love for 80s break-style beats and arcade-like sounds via producers

Sid Roams


Bravo and Joey Chavez


Jake One

, and



Cold World

” is a solo track which allows P to break out angst-ridden rhymes about his time on the inside, while the dark “Sex, Drugs & Murder” features the Big Twins shining over a sinister beat, revisiting classic productions by

Mobb Deep



simultaneously. The fifteen-track album features diverse sounds, interesting song titles (“Test Tube Babies” and “Damn, Daddy”) and intense beats, and has gained a minimal buzz as a result of the rapper's current incarceration.

The final artist to hop into the spotlight was


- DJ, producer, freelance writer, comedic hip hop storyteller, and CEO of

Old Maid Entertainment

-, who showcased his newest album

Chief Chinchilla: Live @ the Liqua Sto

. The LP is produced entirely by the man himself, and promotes at least three fake malt liquors (“Pimp Potion,” feat.

Celph Titled

, “Hillbilly Beer” feat.

Jethro the Rappin’ Redneck

, and “Calvin’s Hard Lemonade” feat.

Breeze Brewin

’ of the


). The beats knock, but the stories, voiceovers and snippets are laugh-out-loud hilarious. As J-Zone simultaneously rejoices in and denounces the effects of items from the liquor store, the album is sure to provoke both laughter and thought.