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The Stereotypes Jump "In the Mix" [DJBooth Interview Exclusive]

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Over the last seven years, L.A.-based production trio

The Stereotypes

have been actively perfecting their craft, quickly working their way into the studio with some of today’s most respected artists while growing stronger as a team in the process. The trio, comprised of

Ray Romulus


Jon Yip

, and

Jeremy Reeves

, have no intention of quitting anytime soon, and as their name and fame continue to spread and rise, we may find ourselves believing more and more in stereotypes.



’s “Why Does She Stay”?

Danity Kane

’s “


”? Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love” that even your grandparents know the words to? That’s right – The Stereotypes know more than anyone the secrets to making a hit song, and with their name appearing alongside the names of 2010’s chart-toppers (

Fantasia Barrino


Travie McCoy

, and the aforementioned Biebinator), they’re preparing for what will be a much-welcomed takeover. A good producer is a key player in any successful musician’s career, but three amazing producers have the potential to redesign the blueprint for new-generation music, and that’s just what





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plan to do.

In this

exclusive, five-question interview

, the men of The Stereotypes jump “In The Mix” to shed some light on how their creativity comes alive when producing hits, and what they hope to accomplish in the coming months.

As a production team your work is so far out-of-the-box that the name "The Stereotypes" doesn't seem to be fitting. How did the group arrive at that name?

Actually the name was meant to be "The Types for your Stereo" ...but as time came around and a few team member changes, we ended up with 1 Asian guy, 1 White guy and 1 Black guy, it kind of fit. Basically, we are trying to change the "Stereotype" of what you may think music is "supposed" to SOUND like and or what the people who make the music are "supposed" to LOOK like.

Since you’ve been active as producers over the last seven years, what advice could you offer a producer who’s just getting started?

It is very important to work on stuff that YOU as a producer feel. That way it'll come across more authentic. If your goal is to be on the radio, I would study all the songs that play on the radio. Keep reading the


charts to know your competition. If you are one of those producers that happen to hate everything on the radio, then strive to change the sound of it!!!

If your career dreams became a reality, whose album jacket would have your name listed under the production credits?

I'd say the 2 artists that we would want to work with some day is Jay-Z and Kanye. They are both taste-makers and Icons in the game who have been able to stay HOT for years and that is what we would like to do with OUR careers as well.

All three of you contribute something different during the creative process. Is there ever any conflict, or is everyone usually on the same page?

Most of the time we are on the same page. One of us will put down a melody or drum pattern and we'll usually know at the same time that its IT or NOT. The good thing is that when we do have a disagreement, we'll just scrap whatever it is were working on and were on to the next.

Billboard Magazine listed you as a production group to watch out for in 2010. How do you plan to make sure everyone’s eyes (and ears) stay on you?

We feel very blessed to have been a part of that list. That kind of recognition is why we do this. To get the respect from your peers and music industry publications is what keeps us going and striving to get better. Everyday we are getting more and more conscious on what were working on and what we put out. Our standards are getting higher which may sometimes slow our productivity down, but in the end result, we feel it keeps our brand fresh.

Final thoughts? Future Plans? Confessions?

Honestly, our goal right now is to continue making good records and, to also get the opportunity to work with more artist. We love working with different writers and artists that think outside of the box and always push the envelope. Keep a look out for all the new songs and artists we have coming out very soon. The most recent addition to the family is Far East Movement. They are a new Electro/Hip-Hop group that we are working on breaking in conjunction with

CherryTree/Interscope Records

. Some of the songs you may know them from are "Girls On The Dance Floor" and "Like A G6".