5 Stress-Free Hip-Hop Cuts

Feeling stressed? We've got the hip-hop cure for what ails you.

Though it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, Christmas commercials, lights, and red bows are already popping up everywhere, which means it the holiday season is but a few weeks away. While it is supposed to be a time filled with family, friends, and parties, everyone always gets a little stressed out with planning events, family "fun", and shopping (have you seen the mall on Christmas Eve?!). If you find yourself feeling little stressed or overwhelmed, be sure to check out

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. For us hip-hop heads though, we might need some more rap-oriented cuts to melt our troubles, so as a bonus, here are five more worry-free songs that the hip-hop head can utilize to wash away the worries.

Chiddy Bang - "Opposite Of Adults"

A unique flip of MGMT's "Kids", this is perfect for forgetting your worries because, well, who has time to worry when you are busy remembering all your dance moves? Good luck sitting still while Xaphoon Jones's colorful, fun beat pours out of your speakers. Hosting a multitude of synths and some crashing drums, the production sets the tone for this cut; and that tone is fun as hell!  Chiddy’s clever one-liners and his charisma and energy take this songs infectious energy to another level and will have you feeling just like, you know, the opposite of an adult.

Camp Lo - "Luchini"

We had to make at least one old-school pick, and as long as we're talking old school feel-good tracks, we have to talk Camp Lo's "Luchini". That horn driven beat alone makes you feel like busting out your flyest dance moves, but when you add in Camp Lo's perfect flows, you get a cut that has to go down in feel good hip-hop history. We dream of the day we find Luchini falling out the sky, whatever luchini is.

Outkast "In Due Time"

The former two selections were high-energy cuts designed to get your feet moving, but this next one is more of a laid-back tune. Still, Outkast's "In Due Time" will melt your troubles like a chocolate bar in a fat kids pocket...in August. The soulful boardwork will calm you down and the lyrics will remind you that no matter how bad things look, if you keep your eyes on the prize and work hard, you will get where you want to go. Life is a marathon not a sprint, and sometimes we need a little reminder.

Brother Ali- "Forest Whitaker"

Insecurities. We all have them and sometimes we get so focused on what is wrong that we don't see all the positives, which will only lead to more stress. With "Forest Whitaker", Brother Ali reminds us that confidence is the key and just because we don't fit the mold of what society wants us to be. That mean we shouldn't stress it; hell, we shouldn't even care at all. The content is compelling, but Ali's passionate, personable flow is what will get you to take this lesson to heart.

Curtis Mayfield - "Move On Up"

Okay, so it isn't exactly hip-hop, but are you really going to fault me for including Curtis Mayfield? Didn't thinks so. There ain't nothing like a little soul to cure a weary, stressed mind; just close your eyes and let Curtis' amazing vocals wash away the stress. It isn't just his soulful crooning either, Curtis drops some serious knowledge, which will serve you well when you are feeling a little bit stressed.

Ahhhhhh...I don't know about you, but I am feeling better already? Stress, worries, and anxiety are inevitable, but how you deal with them is up to you. Thankfully, we have music, which just so happens to be the best healing tool known to man; if there is something music can't fix than I don't want to know what it is. If you are still feeling uptight, be sure to check out

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and add some of your favorite stress relieving cuts in the comments below.