Swizz Beatz & T.I. Launch New Lotus Line

Swizz Beatz helps unviel a new luxury line with Lotus.

When it comes to brand partnerships and endorsements, artists get handouts like children on Halloween. Other than Diddy,

Swizz Beatz

is the only person in my opinion to really connect with each product he works with. His creativity goes far beyond his music that whatever he does ends up being a huge success - from education to fashion, Swizz is one of few people to change the way fans look at hip-hop culture. Back in May, he raised $50,000 dollars to keep art programs in a Bronx charter school, re-launched a classic footwear brand in July, and now he wants to change the way we look at luxury cars.

On November 30, the British automotive company


celebrated with a party at Frank Gehry’s IAC headquarters in New York, which also served to toast the fourth and latest issue of Lotus Magazine. Beatz is the company’s newly appointed vice president of creative design and global marketing, making it his second creative appointment. “I wanna make clear that this was not an endorsement where I’m just getting paid money to be here,” he announced, standing next to Lotus CEO Danny Bahar. “This was a true creative collaboration where I was able to creatively step outside the box”, before unveiling his latest project – the first ever red and chromed colored sports cars at a private event for some of his closest friends as well a select group of industry influencers (myself included).

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While this may not be a big deal to the average person, it speaks volumes to car lovers around the world. Not only is the new Lotus Evora stylish and lightweight, it’s moderately priced at $55,000 dollars compared to other models including competitors like the $1.2 million dollar Bugatti Veyron. And in reference to Swizzy, evolving career “this is a ground-breaking, amazing moment…I tell everyone, sky’s not the limit, it’s just a view. This is just the beginning of things going to the next level. This is a blessing.”



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To help celebrate his new collaboration Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, DJ Kid Capri, former video vixen Melyssa Ford,


and Tiny, Russell Simmons, Steven Baldwin and wifey Alicia Keys were all on hand to support and enjoy Ciroc-sponsored cocktails, pizza and red velvet cupcakes. Taking advantage of the nights positive vibes, the ‘King Of The South’ took advantage of the stage for a high-energy impromptu performance of his latest

I'm Flexin’

and crowd favorite

What You Know


Photo Credit

: Stephen Knight. Props to the homie Noemad for the footage!


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