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Tech N9ne's "Fragile" Might Be The Dopest Song I've Heard This Year


Like pro athletes, recording artists are seen as these immortal, unreachable gods. We as an audience (and in some cases as critics) expect them to churn out material for us to consume and discuss like they are robots. In this relationship, we often forget that these people are human beings who, like any of us, don’t enjoy having people that don’t know shit about them trip apart their hard work. For these artists, there are two solutions, stop making music, and make a song so good it is impossible to criticize.

Thankfully Tech chose the later and on “Fragile”, the latest cut off his forthcoming album, Something Else, he recruits Kendrick to send a message to the critics and gives insight into what its like to be on the other end of the conversation.

While Kendrick is the most notable guest, this song wouldn’t be in the running for song of the year if it weren’t for the work of ¡MAYDAY! and Kendall Morgan. Morgan and Wrekonzie add a haunting, ghostly feel to the songs soft yet ominous boardwork. The lighter production is wonderful compliment to Tech’s intense, rapid-fire flow. Tech is one of those emcees who makes any song his even if he is a guest. His flow is so powerful and commanding it often overshadows other emcees who can't keep up. Now don’t get it twisted, Tech is great, but with all due respect Kendrick absolutely bodied him.

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I don’t think I have ever said that about any song involving Tecca Nina. 99 percent of the time, he is the one doing the deading, but that there is always that 1 percent; enter K. Dot. Earlier in the week, Nathan argued that Killer Mike had the verse of the year on “Job Well Done”. Well, my vote goes to Kendrick’s verse on "Fragile". I found myself waiting for his verse the whole time, when normally with Tech, I focus on his section. In fact, a few times I even skipped Tech’s part to get to Kendrick; that alone should get him in the running for best verse. Additionally, his cadence is insane and I love the anger in his voice. While still powerful Tech lets his guard down and has a more human approach—working perfectly with hostile-yet-gentle vibe set off by the beat—but Kendrick spits with more venom and the anger he has is so visceral it makes me angry.

I’ll admit it, I have been sleeping on Something Else. I was excited for it, but I have been more looking forward to Rapsody’s She Got Game mixtape (due out August 20). After this song however, Something Else, which drops July 30, is my new obsession. Until then, enjoy...



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