The Complete Collection of Every Signature Ad-Lib From Every Rapper Ever


Sometimes you come up with article ideas, and sometimes they come to you. And when you happen to have RefinedHype Nation behind you, sometimes those article ideas just so happen to be fucking awesome.

That's an excellent idea sir, although I'm going to do you one better. Before we can start talking about the best ad-libs in hip-hop history, first I think we need to catalog

every signature ad-lib from every rapper ever

. Yes, it's a daunting task, but did the ancient Egyptians say, "Hey, maybe we shouldn't build these pyramids, they're a lot of work"? No, they didn't. We have before us the chance to create the definitive collection of rapper ad-libs, but I can't do it alone. I've kicked things off with some of the first that came to mind, now it's up to RefinedHype Nation to truly make this collection comprehensive.

One quick note so we're all on the same page. I'm only looking for


ad-libs here, ad-libs that were used repeatedly for an extended amount of time. For example, I debated about Jim Jones "ballin!" for a while. It's definitely famous enough to qualify, but did he really use it enough on other songs? At the same time, Diddy's probably recorded more ad-libs minutes than anyone, but does he really have one signature ad-lib?

Alright people, have at it. I'll do my best to update the post with qualifying submissions in the comments section. Leggoo....

Jadakiss "The Creepy Baby Laugh/Cry Thing"

When I can describe something as "That Creepy Baby Laugh/Cry Thing" and you know exactly what I'm talking about, that's a signature ad-lib.

Juicy J "We Trippy Mayne"

A relatively recent ad-lib addition in Juicy's career, but it's become a brand/trademark as much as an ad-lib for him.

Fabolous "Nice"

Another relatively recent ad-lib addition, but it's quickly become Loso's signature.

Pusha T "Eghck!"

My favorite ad-lib in the game, period, even if I have no idea how to spell it. Also, now using "woo!", assist from Underground Gorilla.

Chance the Rapper "Aghhh!"

Kind of a rapping tropical bird noise thing. You know what I'm talking about.

Wiz Khalifa "Stoner Laugh"

The stoner laugh of all stoner laughs.

ScHoolboy Q "Yawk Yawk Yawk Yawk"

Bonus points for how often his ad-lib

is sampled by the rest of TDE


Joell Ortiz "Yaowa"

It's not an ad-lib, it's a lifestyle.

E-40 "Oooohhhh"

You know, that noise he makes when he thinks he just said something really ill.

Rick Ross "Uh/Bawse"

Not sure which one is more prominent. The "uh" is more common, but the "Bawse" is more prominent.

Gucci Mane "Brrrrrrrr"

Why "Brrrrrrrrrr"? Because he's got an ice cream cone tattooed on this face, that's why.

Lil Jon "Yeeaahhhh!/Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk"

The only ad-libs in history to

inspire classic skits


Big Sean "Boi!"/"Oh God!/Whoa!"

Legitimate debate to be had about which one is his signature, he seems to use all three pretty interchangably.

Birdman "Pigeon Noises"

Admit it, you've tried this one out.

Swizz Beatz "Showtime!"*



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The Fat Guy Who Yells "We the Best!"


The man's essentially a human ad-lib.

Waka Flocka "Bow bow bow bow!"

(From Dharmic X)

Young Jeezy "Yeahhhhhh"

Also uses "Haha", you can hear both in "Can't Tell Me Nothing". (From Dharmix X and Leon D).

Master P "Uhhhhh"

Didn't know enough about P to know if he used it on more than "

Make 'Em Say

". This track is proof he did. (From Dharmic X.)

DMX "Dog Bark"

(From Lucas)

OJ Da Juiceman "Aye aye aye"

(From Mickey Fresh)

2 Chainz "Truuuuu"

Also says "2 Chainz!". (From Mickey Fresh).

Tech N9ne "Growl Thing"

I would also add that higher pitch Tech N9ne! (From John Hatfield)

Kanye West "Huh"

(From Ryan M, assist from Bueller in pointing out the evolution of the ad-lib.)

Freeway "Early!"

(From Jordan Core)

Biggie "Uhh"

(From No Name Needed)

French Montana "Haaannnn"

(From Apollo Lifestyle)

Ab-Soul "Soulo!"

(From spowers1235)

Jay-Z "Uh huh"

Seems like he's essentially retired this one, was his go-to for a long time. (From Staten's Reckoning)

Lil Wayne "Young Mula Baby!"

(From slim fox)

Smoke DZA "Riiiiiiiiiiiight"

(From OmeroDaPharaoh)

Too Short "Bitch!"

* Very loose definition of the word "rapper", but it still felt like I should include them.



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