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Think You're Ill? Try Iller Than Theirs On For Size


Brooklyn, NY -- Independent record label Embedded Music will release the self-titled debut album of hip-hop duo Iller Than Theirs this fall. Brooklyn-based Iller Than Theirs is a mellow opposition to the commoditization of hip-hop culture that has resulted in fake MC’s peddling their own posturing while crazed billionaires buy up and tear down the old neighborhoods. In a world that’s growing more convoluted, complex, and corrupt, they’ve decided to respond with a simple, easygoing honesty of lyricism, free of pretension and thug theatrics. “We’re not saying that we’re better than anybody, alright? We’re not better than nobody. We’re just Iller.”

Iller Than Theirs is made up of Tone Tank and Krayo, artists from the Nuclear Family collective. Known as Nuk Fam for short, these New York-based musicians pride themselves on their unique humor and humility. Nuk Fam boasts artists Junk Science, who released their debut Feeding Einstein in 2005, as well as Iller producers DJ Snafu, J. Howells Werthman, and Scott Thorough. The album is set for bn release on September 18, on Embedded Music, and will feature guest appearances from Mastah Ace, Cool Calm Pete, and varied Nuk Fam artists.



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