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This Week in Hype: 2014 Grammy Rant, Rap Aliases With Michael Christmas & More


Fresh off narrowly escaping arrest after drag racing with Justin Bieber, I'm back for yet another edition of the "

This Week in Hype

" podcast. FREE THE BIEBZ!!!  

This week, I attempt to review the 2014 Grammy nominations and try to predict some winners, but mostly get sidetracked yelling about how little sense the Grammys make. Also, I bring on "must have on your radar for 2014" artist Michael Christmas. Enjoy....

Discussed This Week


* As always, shout out to RefinedHype Nation member


for that dope theme song. Check out his new joint

Back in '86


* Answer this week's trivia question and I'll send you some shit from my house. Seriously. Last week I sent 

Omero Fraire

some vinyl.

You might get a spork, or some concert tickets, who knows. But there's only one way to find out.    

* With the Grammys coming up this weekend I

review the nominees

and likely winners. Or, to be more accurate, I rant about how the Grammys makes no fucking sense. Fuck them.



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Wu-Tang is for the children


* I bring on

Michael Christmas

to talk about his plethora of rap aliases, when he finally crossed the line into serious music making, his upcoming "Is This Art?" project and more. Plus, I do a live rendition of the

fight with Xzibit at the Playboy Mansion story


* Michael Christmas is good times. You should

follow him here

, and

check out more of his videos here

* Today's closing track,

Michael Christmas' hilarious "Michael Cera"


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