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This Week in Hype: Hot Dogs, Chicago & Creativity with Alex Wiley


A new generation of artists have vaulted Chicago back into the national hip-hop spotlight, but while the drill scene certainly has an identifiable sound, the other movement in the Chi is defined by its drive to fight off easy definition. Singing, rapping, sweet memories of nostalgic child hood, horrible memories of murder, live jazz instrumention and 808s, these artists mix them all together fluidly, sometimes in the same song. 

Alex Wiley

is one of those artists making their name at the forefront of creativity. His "

Club Wiley

" project caught my ear, and after being promised his upcoming Village Party project, out June 5, would sound even more original, I welcomed the chance to sit down with Wiley when he stopped by LA on tour. We met at his hotel looking supremely comfortable - flip flops and a hoodie level comfortable - and over the next hour we proceeded to talk about sandwiches, his love of the Clipse, what it's like to develop as an artist under the internet's microscope, fucking nuns (of course) and much more. 

I didn't necessarily intend to make this a "

This Week in Hype

" podcast, I was primarily recording the conversation to pull quotes from in a written piece, but listening back to it I think it's entertaining enough and does enough to show who Wiley is as an artist and human being to make it more than worth a post.



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So I'm switching things up a little with a special edition of the podcast. That means no giveaway this week (I know), no rant from me, just a full hour of Wiley and I chopping it up. I'll be back again next week with the usual format. In the meantime, keep an ear out for "Village Party",

follow Wiley

, peep this week's closing track "


" and just generally enjoy the fuck out of this podcast.

It's nothing but not fronting....

[Nathan S. is the managing editor of The DJBooth, the proprietor of RefinedHype, and a hip-hop writer. He also occasionally talks in podcast form and appears on RevoltTV. His beard is awesome.

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