This Week in Hype Podcast: The Donwill Edition


Good news RefinedHype Nation, unlike last week's Thanksgiving Edition when you had to suffer through me talking to myself, for the latest

This Week in Hype

podcast I brought on an actual guest. And not just any guest, we're talking the always dope, hilarious and hilariously dope


of Tanya Morgan.

This week we discuss Andre 3000's verse on "Sorry", Big Boi's nearly criminal under appreciation, fucked up child celebrities and more. Enjoy, be sure to show love to Donwill for taking the time to support RefinedHype Nation, and as always hit me in the comments with praise/criticism/suggestions etc.

Things Discussed This Week


* The invention of pants (most notably zippers)

* Andre 3000's

verse on "Sorry"

* Big Boi's


* Why an Outkast reunion

probably won't happen

* Angus T. Jones

goes ham on "Two and a Half Men"

* Lindsay Logan's

latest arrest

* Baptist preacher rap battles

* Cake, cake and more cake

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