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This Week in Hype: Comedy Rap, Poop & More With Open Mike Eagle


Welcome to another episode of the "

This Week in Hype

" podcast. I'm not saying you have to listen, I'm just saying don't be surprised if you get to heaven and discover god is a huge fan.

This week, I basically dump a bunch of rage and stress on your earholes. So if that seems like the type of thing you'd be interested in, stick around. Also, I bring on the two-and-only Open Mike Eagle to talk about the similarities between comedy and hip-hop...and also poop.

Discussed This Week


* As always, shouts to Tino for that dope theme song. You should

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* I'm moving and stressed the fuck out and I dump some of that stress on y'all because you're welcome.

* Who wants the audio version of me

losing my shit on that kid who quit rap

? You do? Then you're in luck.

* I bring on



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Open Mike Eagle

to talk about the overlaps between comedy and hip-hop, the genius

of Mitch Hedberg

, Dr. Dre's overwhelming presence in L.A. hip-hop, poop, fatherhood and much more.

* A hearty thank you to Mike for coming on. You should follow him


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his "Dark Comedy" album

on Bandcamp and various other digital outlets and what not.

* This week's closing song, Open Mike Eagle's "Qualifiers", which also has

a pretty amazeballs video


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