Tough Report On "Conflict Diamonds" Takes a Victory Lap


New York, NY -- "The Chop Up" -- the weekly news show on BET that's equally inspired by "60 Minutes" and "The Daily Show" -- will conclude its first season with the re- airing of an investigative report entitled "Blood Ice."

The feature probes the transformation of Liberia's diamond trade, which used to fund the country's civil war and now fuels the country's post-war redevelopment. Fans of "The Chop Up" voted "Blood Ice" the series's best enterprise story in a poll conducted on The report is the centerpiece of the show airing on BET this coming Sunday at 11:30 E.S.T and P.T.

Sunday's show also features clips from two other well- liked investigative reports. "The Minstrel Show" examines the work of critic-proof filmmaker Tyler Perry: Is he black theater's savior or its killer? "The Grimiest" is about a new genre of music called grime -- an edgy descendant of gangsta rap and dancehall reggae -- that's generating love and fear in equal measure throughout England, the country of its birth.

The brain-child of executive producer Selwyn Hinds, "The Chop Up" is a weekly mix of investigative reporting, outspoken opinion from celebrity commentators, and the tart banter of co-hosts Jeff Johnson and Jina Johnson. It is designed, according to Hinds, "to convince 18-to-34-year-olds to care about the world they live in." This week's rant is by Alan Newton, a wrongfully accused black man who served 22 years in jail before DNA evidence paved the way to his recent release.

"The Chop Up" debuted on April 30. The best of "The Chop Up"'s first season will be rebroadcast on the six consecutive Sundays beginning August 13.