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This Week In Hype Podcast: "Born Sinner", Scottie Pippen & 10 Minutes With Bauce Sauce


It's Friday, and you know what that's time for the only podcast funded entirely by the shadowy cabal colloquially known as the Illuminati, "

This Week In Hype

". Fair warning, the rest of your life will be divided into two parts: before you listened to "This Week in Hype", and after.

For the latest edition, I do a quick review of J. Cole's "Born Sinner", defend the tragically under-rated Scottie Pippen, fix hip-hop with our "10 Minutes With Someone Dope" guest Bauce Sauce and much more.

Discussed This Week


* The Illuminati's plan to take over the world via combination Pizza Hut/Carl Jr.'s.

* New trivia question - answer correctly and you'll win a free album on iTunes (

just in time for June 18


* Where J. Cole belongs in hip-hop's elite after

listening to "Born Sinner"


* Why being called the Scottie Pippen of rap is

an incredible compliment


* "10 Minutes With Someone Dope" guest Bauce Sauce. We talk

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his "How to Fix Hip-Hop" article

, grandparent fucking, pre-emptive ad-libs and more.

* You should follow Bauce Sauce at


* Answering

@BibiSez' question

, RefinedHype's new focus on worditty words.

* This week's closing song,

J. Cole's "Runaway"


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