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This Week in Hype: The Combat Jack Special Edition


Remember how once a summer "Saved By The Bell" would break from their usual format and devote an entire episode to tackling a serious issue? Today's "

This Week In Hype

" podcast is exactly like that, only instead of

diet pill addiction

, we do an hour of rap nerdery.

For this special edition, I bring on the king of hip-hop podcasts,

Combat Jack

, to talk about hip-hop's ability to cross racial lines, Combat's first rap memories before anyone even knew what "rap" was, whether Busta Rhymes has fallen off and much more. Next week we'll go back to the usual format, but on the real, I'm straight up proud of this podcast, it had to be a special edition.

Discussed This Week


* As always, word to RefinedHype Nation member


for our dope theme song.

* Big up to our sponsor, the always dope

IM King

. Next week I'll do a double giveaway to make up for this week.

* You may know him as Combat Jack, but Reggie Osse's been in the game for decades as a music attorney,

The Source

managing editor, author and more. For an in-depth run down of his resume, check out our

Hype Men podcast featuring the Rosenbergs and Combat


* The

Toure vs. Premium Pete episode

, unearthing the roots of white privilege, hip-hop as an entryway to the black experience.


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Dead Prez' "Wolves"

as the greatest album intro of all-time, the time a black crackhead called me

"cracker" and I didn't care


* The first time Combat heard a "rap' tape, hip-hop's disco roots, the Sugarhill Gang's status as one of hip-hop's greatest, and fakest, groups.

* "

Twerk It

", debating whether Busta Rhymes has fallen off, Combat's

dope interview of Busta

, the controversial

Gunplay quotes that got cut from the show


* Thanks to Combat Jack for coming on, that man's a role model for me, and a major inspiration for this podcast. You should

follow him

, listen to his

audio podcasts

, and check out Combat's

video interviews on Complex TV


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