This Week in Hype: Battling Kendrick Lamar, Aftermath Producer Dawaun Parker & More


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For the latest edition, I dig deep into the "Who Could Beat Kendrick Lamar in a Battle?" debate,  talk to Aftermath songwriter and producer Dawaun Parker about the art and business of production and more. 

Discussed This Week

* As always, shout out to RefinedHype Nation member 


 for that dope theme song.

* Another trivia question, another chance to win some fresh gear from the always dope 

IM King


* I read some of the comments from RefinedHype Nation in our "

Who Could Beat Kendrick Lamar in a Battle?

" and attempt to inject some sanity into the hype around Senor Lamar.

* I bring in Dr. Dre right hand man

Dawaun Parker

to talk about producting and songwriting for


, how a leaked Eminem song turned into a Grammy, the Busta Rhymes single that never was, maintaining his sanity in the face of the insane music industry and more.

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Dawaun Parker

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production credits here

and take a listen to his new

artist Phil Beaudreau


* This week's closing track, "

Lost One

" from Jay Z (prod. by Dawaun Parker).

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