This Week In Hype Podcast: Defending Macklemore, Talking "Crooked Smile" With Elite & More

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Against all odds, I'm now 23 episodes deep into the "

This Week In Hype

" podcast and no one has yet to protest outside my house, begging me to stop. Well then, looks I've got no choice but to keep pumping out


whatever this is.

For the latest edition, I offer up a brief defense of Macklemore against all the haters, kick off our new "10 Minutes With Someone Dope" segment by talking to Elite about co-producing J. Cole's "Crooked Smile", offer up another chance for people to win free cool shit and more.

Discussed This Week


* Illuminati space stations.

* New trivia question - answer correctly and you'll win some

free dope shit from Sanctiond


* Our "

Who's the Second Greatest White Rapper of All-Time

" debate.

* A brief defense of


, including a Talib Kweli comparison sure to infuriate hip-hop heads.

* New "

10 Minutes With Someone Dope

" segment with


. We talk about co-producing

J. Cole's "Crooked Smile"

, the beat's Jennifer Hudson sample, bringing in a choir and more.

* You should follow


, and check out

for more.

* The importance of

humor in dope rappity rap


* This week's closing song,

Busta Rhyme's "Gimme Some More"


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