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This Week in Hype: Internet Haterz, The Origins of Pu**y Poppin & EddieFTW


Here's the thing when you name a podcast "

This Week in Hype

". You have to deliver it weekly. In retrospect maybe "This Fortnight in Hype" would have allowed me to get some more sleep. But then again, I really enjoy hitting your earholes this often, so....fuck it, let's do thing. 

This week, I go over the full spectrum of internet haters, including those who want RefinedHype to be, and cross the digital divide to bring on a member of RefinedHype Nation, EddieFTW, to talk about....everything. 

Discussed This Week

* As always, shout out to RefinedHype Nation member 


 for that dope theme song. 

* This episode is really only for the RefinedHype heads. We get into some deep internal affairs centered around the various types of internet hate, from the insane Chris Brown to the super backpacker guy who's mad we don't only write about unknown rappers.  



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We speak with Opposition about the finer details of rights management.


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* In keeping with the theme, I've always thought about having a RefinedHype Nation citizen on the podcast. So I bring on


, who might literally be the first person to ever see the site, to talk about...sweet baby jesus. By the end of the interview we've discussed internet porn, why sometimes I wish I still worked construction,

aluminium shortage conspiracies

, the globalization of hip-hop and the

origins of pussy popping

* Today's closing track, Pharoahe Monch's ridiculously dope "

Rapid Eye Movement