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This Week In Hype Podcast: Flossing With Wale, Granny Goons With Jarren Benton & More


Only sweet baby jesus knows why, but the people continue to demand more "

This Week In Hype

" podcasts. And if it's more episodes they want, it's more episodes they'll get. What can I say, this podcast is the gift that keeps on giving, kind of like


healthy living and exercise.

For the latest edition, I review Wale's "The Gifted" album via a dental hygiene metaphor, talk to

Jarren Benton

about chest hair swag and grandma goons, celebrate my album sales predictions, reveal a new giveaway and much more.

Discussed This Week


* Broadcasting from

inside Jurassic Park


* Open submissions for the "This Week in Hype" theme song. You know, something

like this


* New trivia question - the first person to email me the correct answer wins a limited edition

"No Guns Allowed" shirt

from the good people at Crooks & Castles.

* I review

"The Gifted"

, finally admit that I find Wale boring and talk the importance of flossing.



5 New Albums You Need to Hear This Week

Press play on new releases from EST Gee, Chucky73, Tierra Whack, Masicka, and Mike Akox.


DJ Neptune, Yungeen Ace & Joony: Best of the Week

DJ Neptune, Yungeen Ace, and Joony, among others, have the best new songs on Audiomack this week.


10 Rappers You Should Know Right Now

Luh Soldier, Snowsa, SGaWD, and K.Charles are four of the 10 new rappers you need to know right now on Audiomack.

* The "is it worth uploading to my cloud?" corollary.

* "10 Minutes With Someone Dope" guest

Jarren Benton

. If you like chest hair, grandma goons and alcohol, you're going to love this one.

* You can follow Jarren Benton


, stream his "My Grandma's Basement" album


, and catch him

on tour here

. Do it, unless you suck.

* Doing a sales predictions victory lap...around my


Illuminati chambers.

* This week's closing song,

Run the Jewels' "Banana Clipper"


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