This Week in Hype: Medium Sean's "Hall of Fame" Review, Block of Dead Prez & More


Can I keep it 100 with you RefinedHype Nation? Maybe even, let's say, 300. 350? As I write this, I've got to wake up for a flight to Miami in four hours. Frankly, I considered just skipping the "

This Week In Hype

" podcast this week. BUT NO. You people deserve a new podcast every week, and so it's a new podcast you're going to get.

This week, I do a guest-free, solo dolo episode to talk about

Big Sean

's semi-impressive new album "

Hall of Fame

", of course do some new rapper-NBA comparisons and much more. Plus, I can neither confirm nor deny that I was drinking when I recorded this...so...bonus points! Enjoy....

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* Seriously though, I'm in Miami for the

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. If you live in Miami too,

hit me up

, we'll eat tacos.

* A rambling, late night review of Big Sean's new album, "Hall of Fame", in which I say his ceiling is the Rap Game Ray Allen, and that while the album is better than "Finally Famous", he's still not a top tier rapper.

* Also, there's a lot of me comparing the man to a Chicken McNugget, or more specifically, a Chicken McNugget extra value meal, which may or may not exist.

* For week's closing song, in honor of my "

Best Intro Song of All-Time

" pick, I;m going with a double feature of Dead Prez: "


" and "



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