This Week in Hype: The Pancakes vs. Waffles Roundtable


This week I was in NYC for the yearly DJBooth get together and considered just doing the same ol'


amazeballs podcast. But then I realized it'd be, well, about another year before this particular collection of internet talent was in the same room, and I take advantage accordingly.

So I semi-kinda-proudly present to you, the very first roundtable edition of "

This Week in Hype

". Joining me were DJ Z (aka


), Dave Macli (aka


), Taylor (


) and of course y'all know Lucas (


). And considering that I had just learned the "

Pancakes vs. Waffles

" game, it was only right we played it for the podcast. It'll all make sense once you hear it, I promise.

Discussed This Week


* Tino came through with a new theme song and it's fucking great. You should

follow Tino


hear Tino's story in full

on the podcast.

* Pancakes vs. Waffles

* Andre 3000 vs. Big Boi

* Gucci Mane vs. Jesus

* Biggie vs. Pac

* Dilla's Production vs. Kanye's Production

* "Blueprint" vs. "Black Album"

* Destiny's Child vs. TLC

* LA vs. NYC

* This week's closing song, Shyne's "Bad Boyz".

I'll be back next week with the usual format. In the meantime, enjoy this very special motherfucking edition. DJBooth Nation is the greatest.

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