This Week in Hype Podcast: The Torae Edition


I know, I know, the new "This Week in Hype" podcast is a day earlier than usual. But I'll be travelling this Friday and I didn't want to leave you without some podcasty goodness. So for this week's slightly early edition, I had to bring on consummate New York City emcee


to talk about where Lil Wayne belongs on the all-time greatest list, the emergence of Joey Bada$$ and the resurgence of NYC hip-hop and more.

If you're a fan of weak rappers you should definitely not follow


, and take precisely zero listens to his new "

Admission of Guilt

" mixtape. On the other hand, if you dig that raw, unfiltered lyricism, you need to start digging into his catalog. I highly recommend

For the Record


Discussed This Week




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* Shots fired at J-Live.


Where Does Lil Wayne Belong on the All-Time Best Rappers List?

* Three level punchlines.

* How underrated Fabolous is.

* The return of NYC hip-hop, why NYC hip-hop never left.

* This week's closing song, Jay-Z' "Anything". And my apologies to Torae, the sample on "Anything" does indeed come from "Oliver".

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