7 Dope Underground Rappers You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Of: Vol. III


RefinedHype Nation should

know the drill by now

. Below is a list of dope MC's that I've discovered through far too much time surfing the web and doing some digital crate digging. Let me know what you think of these rappers in the comments below, and what style/who you might want to see in the next article.

This is RefinedHype, y'all are some serious rap nerds. But I'm willing to bet that there will be at least a couple rappers here that even the most subterranean rap fans haven't heard before. Enjoy...


Benefit is up there with MF Doom when it comes to being mysterious. He popped onto the scene in the early 2000's when Napster first blew up, when (by a longshot) he won a rap contest out of over 1000 MC's put on by Napster. This made him the first MC to truly use the internet to blow up (seems like forever ago, huh?). He never really put an album together, just happened to make enough tracks out of his $18 setup to release 2002's Benefit, which is filled with too many dope tracks. His rhyme style is similar to Eminem's Infinite days, mixing crazy multisyllabic patterns with hard hitting punchlines. Check out "Proceed With Caution".


People who are familiar with the YouTube hip-hop scene know DeLaZoo, but for some reason no one else seems to. DLZ is out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and brings slick flows to a pop sound, creating a unique vibe with each track. He also produces most of his songs, using his music as an audible representation of his life. DLZ's topics tend to combine regular-guy rap with his aspirations for the future, and when combining that with his fast flows doesn't sound like anyone else I can think of off top. Check out "Calm, Cool, Clean".

Dyme Def

Dyme Def is a group out of Seattle, Washington consisting of MC's Brainstorm, S.E.V., and Fearce Villan, and producer Bean One. They've been releasing music since 2006, and each MC has always brought a true hip-hop vibe, speaking lyrics tho uplift their people. Their beats are very soulful and almost reminiscent of Apollo Brown. This group is just further proof that Seattle has been creating some of the best hip-hop for a while now, and is silently/slowly becoming a hip-hop capital. Check out their song "Let It Be" below.

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I consider hip-hop to currently be in a second renaissance, and Gorilla Warfare Tactics to be a modern day Naughty by Nature. Over the past couple years they've developed a signature style that consists of raw lyrics over heavy hip-hop production - making music that's good for either a party or a sunny day cruise. Although they're very silent on social media and nobody is really sure when their new music is going to come out, they never disappoint as each song is a quality release. Check out their banger "Temptations".

Kidd Upstairs

Kidd Upstairs is definitely an artist for new school heads. He's another hip-hop artist who takes the entire craft into his hands, writing, producing, and directing videos for most of his tracks. His production style tends to be heavy and slightly trap-influenced, and he's equipped a flow that sounds radio ready. He is also one of the few people making music that sounds good and also has meaning, which is demonstrated in "Amanda Bynes".

Louis Logic

Louis Logic has never really gotten the recognition that he deserves. He released a classic album in 2003 called


Sin-A-Matic", which was very innovative and praised into the underground scene. He is one of the few people who uses shock value but doesn't rely on it to sell records, more using it as a tool to convey his messages in a deeper way. His song style is comparable to "MMLP" Eminem, combining a unique, quick flow with deep song topics. Check out his track "The Ugly Truth", and listen all the way until the end to truly understand it.

Street Light

Detroit-born Street Light is hands down one of the best lyricists in the game. His lyrical style isn't really similar to anyone I know, although he sites "The Cool"/"Food & Liquor" Lupe Fiasco as his biggest influence. He has a large YouTube following due to winning various contests (placing 2nd in Destorm's "Watch Me" and first in Funk Volume's "Don't Fu$k Up Our Beats", the two biggest online MC contests) however, he lacks the backing that he truly deserves. If you're looking for ill flows mixed with extreme lyricism, check out his track "Drowning".


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