USA Today Names Top Mixtape DJs


With the Mixtape Awards being less than 2 months away (June 15th), there has been a lot of talk throughout the mixtape circuit about who's taking home what, and most importantly "DJ of The Year". Although, DJ Drama is the favorite amongst fans and peers, let's not forget about the other top djs in the industry that's making noise. This week, announced their top seven djs in the industry.

Funkmaster Flex

Arguably hip-hop's most influential DJ, Flex has a nighttime show on New York's Hot 97 and has hosted two TV shows. His 60 Minutes of Funk series led to several mainstream mix CDs.

Kay Slay

The "Drama King" is best known for his Streetsweeper series and his role in the Jay-Z vs. Nas and the Eminem/50 Cent vs. Ja Rule mike battles. He hosted The Drama Hour on New York's Hot 97 and will release Game of Death this summer.

DJ Smallz

The Tampa native has put out 26 volumes of his Southern Smoke series. Southern Smoke Radio is broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio, and he is developing a TV version.

DJ Drama

The Atlanta-based Drama is known for his Gangsta Grillz series, which will spawn an official album this summer. Another series, Automatic Relaxation, blends neo-soul and hip-hop.

Whoo Kid

The Queens DJ's rise parallels that of 50 Cent and G-Unit, for whom he has put out a steady stream of mixtapes under the G-Unit Radio banner. He has syndicated shows on New York's Hot 97 and Sirius.

Green Lantern

He gained notoriety as the DJ for Eminem's battle anthems in beefs with The Source and Murder Inc. The Rochester, N.Y., native earned acclaim for his Invasion and Countdown to Armageddon series. Alive on Arrival is out now.

Clinton Sparks

Sparks can be heard on Boston's Hot 97, and his SmashTime Radio can be heard in syndication and on Sirius. His first album, Maybe You've Been Brainwashed, was released last year. He launched two years ago to market everything from mixtapes, CDs, and vinyl to clothes, magazines and video games.