Prepare for the MTV VMAs With Some Classic Kanye Moments

Excited for Kanye's performance at this year's VMAs? Here's a look back at his best (and more controversial) moments.

The oft-controversial Kanye West has a long and um… shall we say… notable history with MTV’s Video Music Awards. While you might think MTV would not let him anywhere near the building after his outburst a few years ago, Mr. West is too much of a force in music to ho uninvited. After all, you can’t have a music award show without having one of the biggest names in the business present, which is why MTV has not only allowed him in, but invited him to perform. According to

Pepsi Pulse


"Kanye West will head to Brooklyn later this month as he's been added to the official lineup for the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. This will be the seventh time Ye has taken stage at the annual ceremony, tying Madonna for the most performances. The rap icon is expected to perform "Black Skinhead," from his latest album, 'Yeezus'."

Considering the recent projections and interactive videos, I fully expect his performance to be quite the spectacle. In honor (and anticipation) of Yeezy’s performance, lets take a look back at his top 3 most memorable VMA moments.

2009 VMA’s- “Imma let you finish”

While Kanye has been a VMA staple, providing us with plenty of memorable moments, there is no denying the legendary status of his outburst at the 2009 VMAs. Taylor Swift, who just won her first VMA, had no idea what hit her and before she could even react, Kanye had grabbed the mic and declared Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” as “one of the best music videos of all time.” Did it make you cringe out of awkwardness? Yes, but did you watch the moment over and over again? I know I did. The mini-rant (by Kanye’s standards) sparked the “Imma let you finish joke, which, four years later, is still going strong.

2010 VMA’s- “Runaway”



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While the Taylor Swift moment might be the most legendary, music always comes first, which is why I put his 2010 performance of “Runaway” ahead of his rant. "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", the album “Runaway” calls home, is easily Kanye’s most luxurious, grandiose effort to date ad the whole performance encapsulates that perfectly. From the wild set, featuring an all white background and Kanye’s all red suit, to the dancers and the shimmering fireworks at the end, the construction and execution could not be any more "MBDTF". Add a guest spot from Pusha-T and a impressive display of boardwork from Kanye and you got yourself a memorable performance.

2004 VMA’S- Early Kanye Medley

While Kanye’s more recent works aren’t disappointing, there just ain’t nothing like the classic, soul-samplin’ Kanye; his first two albums,

College Dropout


Late Registration

, are classics. Considering the widespread love for these albums is it any wonder that his 2004 VMA’s performance, where he does “Jesus Walks” “All Falls Down” and “Through The Wire” would be number 1? Hell to the no! Kanye kicks off the performance with “Jesus Walks” but really hits hs stride when he brings out a live band—led by John Legend—and Syleena Johnson and knocks “All Falls Down” out of the park. While that would be enough for some, Kanye, ever the showman brings out Chaka Khan, who, despite having laryngitis, supports west in a rousing rendition of “Through The Wire”. This is Kanye at his best.

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