What The F*ck Is Up With Kanye's Voice: An Investigatory Report


Here at RefinedHype we like to consider ourselves the CNN of hip-hop. Expect instead of garbage we investigate the topics that really matter and affect all our lives; seriously we deserve a Pulitzer or even a Nobel Prize. I mean what other sites are providing detailed investigations about 2 Chainz’ mid-range jumper and finding the names of mysterious attractive women on the internetz? That’s right, none. RefinedHype Is your only source for the news that really matters. Well, RefinedHype Nation its time for another absurdly in depth and unnecessary investigation into something arbitrary groundbreaking: what is going on with Kanye’s voice.

No, not his singing, voice, literally his actual voice. We all know Kanye is a master of vocal effects on the mic, but I thought I knew what his normal voice sounded like. Ever since this moment, Kanye’s voice has been burned into my mind and I was confident, in any context I could recognize his voice; a little bit raspy and very pronounced and just a tad preachy and overzealous. Well, I wasn’t planning on ever tuning into Kris Jenner’s show even with Kanye as a guest, but tomorrow, I might have to now because after hearing a clip of him talk about Kim and the baby, I am 100% invested in analyzing his voice; it sounds completely different.

 Seriously, it has gone up like 2 octaves; this is so bizarre. It so much more nasally an high-pitched than anything I have ever heard from him before. At first I thought he must be sick, but it doesn’t really have that muffled stuffy nose sound. Trust me, with my allergies I get that a lot and I never sound like this. Then I thought well since he is talking about people talking about him maybe he changed his voice for an impression, but he has the same voice all the way though and that other clip he has the same dazed voice. I really can't explain this at all. If you think I am crazy, compare his voice in that to a few clips below and tell me he doesn’t sound more like Childish Gambino than Kanye West.



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It’s not just the pitch either. To really hear it, I plugged in my heavy-duty headphones and I noticed his inflection is all-weird too. It sounds like his tongue is numb or he got shot up with Novocaine. He even sounds more cartoonish than the South Park's Kanye. I don’t want to open up the whole he is on drugs box—I highly doubt he popped a few valiums before going on the show hosted by his baby momma’s momma—but he definitely sounds like he is in his happy place. Very weird, people’s voices just don’t change overnight and performing is a whole other story, but would you ever guess the guy that sounds so virulent on “Black Skinhead”?

Okay, I think I got it. Y’all remember that Simpsons episode where Homer sees Mr. Burns in the woods and thinks he’s an alien. We come to find out Mr. Burns is getting longevity treatment and a booster shot that makes him all warm and fuzzy. I think Kanye is getting that very same injection. I don’t know how else you can explain a change in attitude and voice that drastic; it has to be The Simpsons!

Well, there you have it Refined Hype Nation. It's either that or Kim and the rest of Kardashians have brainwashed him. Wait! Maybe, just maybe, they are keeping him captive and Kim is just off stage, gun to his favorite Versace cardigan, making him sound like he is all happy and at peace; one false move or cry for help and she puts a bullet right through the sweater. Your move Pulitzer committee.



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