Young Jeezy Premiers His "A Hustler's Ambition" Documentary in NYC

Young Jeezy gets cinematic in NYC as he premiers his new documentary.

A snowstorm hit NYC this week when

Young Jeezy

premiered his

TM103: Hustlerz Ambition

movie at the Sunshine Landmark Theater. A roughly shot biopic that chronicles the life of the snowman from birth, to selling crack at age 11 and eventually becoming the Atlanta-based trapper hip-hop fans in every ghetto have come to love. Narrated by actor Samuel L. Jackson, the docu-film gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look of his rise to fame. With childhood pictures, commentary from close friends and family, in addition to concert footage backed by interview clips from Diddy, Drake, Jay-Z and T. I. The entire story slightly mimics the popular VH1 music series, Behind The Music with a touch of comedy.

The beginning introduces a young Jay Jenkins, growing up with his sister and both parents whose relationship turned sour due to his father serving time in the military. Unable to handle the pressures of single parenthood, Jenkins’ mother began to let out all her frustrations by using her son’s face as a punching bag. Looking for a way out, Jay was exposed to selling drugs by his uncle Bo. Then a teenager, the adolescent faced the harsh reality of his poverty stricken surroundings and quickly became a man after being was kicked out the house.

During a brief tint at boot camp, Jay soon developed a relationship with his long-time friend Kink, who ultimately shared the same values – getting money. The two ended up going back to work the block - saving up a million dollars. Thanks to a potent white substance, the duo purchased a studio, became business partners, founded



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Corporate Thugz Entertainment

and began pushing their first act. Unfortunately, after their artist was indicted on a murder charge dreams of being in the music industry were bleak. That is, until, Kink asked: “you wanna try this shit”? Enter Young Jeezy.

From that point on, Jeezy began to record what he calls conversations with himself, eventually turning those records into mixtapes. As someone who sees potential all the around him, the entrepreneurial snowman began using ATL strip clubs as a platform to get his music heard. And in 2004 when his mixtape sold over 200,000 copies in the street, it caught the attention of the late Shakir Stewart, leading to his partnership at Def Jam.

But of course, no story is complete without a few touchy moments. Mid-film the audience witnessed Jizzle’s battle with his health including a disease that left him voiceless for some time, causing a feud between he and another Georgia rapper. Moving along, the hour and a half long flick features plenty more, as you take a ride through the course of recording his long awaited


. If you ask me, it’s as real as it gets.

Copies of the deluxe edition CD and DVD will be available everywhere on December 20. Check out the trailer here:



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