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2007 Winter NAMM Show

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Happy New Year to all of the community! For the DJ Equipment scene, 2005 and 2006 was a really groundbreaking time. Many new technologies were finally being applied to DJ gear with some very nice results. CD turntables and Hybrid turntables are actually doing what DJ's want them to do. There were also new software releases that allowed users to spin with their current setup and attach a computer to it and do all types of new tricks never thought possible. So where does this leave us in 2007??? I guess we will find out at the 2007 Winter NAMM Show. This is a yearly event which gives the DJ community a chance to get a glimpse at what the manufacturers are going to have in store for the upcoming months.

This year's show is held in the Anaheim Convention Center from January 18th-21st. The only problem is that with all the gear that came out in the past two years has put the industry at a stand-still. Manufacturers are still clamoring in the success of their awsome creations and are not about to realease anything groundbreaking at this point in time. Instead, we will most likely see existing model upgrades and other smaller-scaled products launching at this show. Here are some products that are confirmed for the 2007 NAMM Show:

Gemini CDT-05mk2

Gemini MPX-40 Professional FX MP3 Player

Gemini CDM-600 Professional DJ Station

Gemini NEW line of PS series of DJ Mixers

Cortex HDC-3000 Dual Digital Music Controller



CEO Trayle, Ivorian Doll & brakence: Best of the Week

CEO Trayle, Ivorian Doll, and brakence, among others, had the best new songs on Audiomack this week.


5 New Albums You Need to Hear This Week

Press play on new titles from Paper Route EMPIRE, FAVE, Damedot, Che Noir, and Teddy Swims.


Bairi Is Here to Feed Her Fans

The R&B singer talks about rewarding her Audiomack Supporters.

Cortex HDTT-5000 Digital Music Turntable/Controller

Cortex DMIX-300 and DMIX-600 all-in-one digital mixing stations

Stanton Final Scratch V3

Serato Scratch Live Software Update

Reloop RMP-2 CD Turntable

M-Audio (Top Secret Tabletop Player?)

More to come...

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NAMM 2016: Denon MCX8000

Today at the NAMM 2016 show, Denon DJ division announced their new flagship DJ controller called the MCX8000. This new monstrous DJ controller is sporting a solid metal chassis all around, dual hi-res screens for playback information, 16 RGB Backlit velocity sensitive performance pads, and full compatibility with Serato DJ when connected to a computer and Denon's Engine music management software so that DJ's can use this device without a computer.


NAMM 2016: Numark Dashboard

Today at the NAMM 2016 show, Numark DJ has released a brand new triple-screen device called the Dashboard which will allow users to connect it to any Serato DJ setup in order to view most of the valuable information DJ's need such as waveforms, track information, effects, and more. The Dashboard is pretty much like the Numark NS7III Controller screens that are attached to an adjustable stand and can connect to any Serato DJ controller or DVS setup that is out there.


NAMM 2012 Video: Hercules Air

Earlier this year we brought you a story about the newest DJ controller from Hercules called Air. Now the Hercules Air all-in-one DJ controller has finally showed it's face at the NAMM 2012 show in California. This new controller that uses thin air to create and trigger cue points and loops is definitely something different and innovative that some DJ's may have lots of fun with. Check out our NAMM 2012 Hercules Air rundown video inside.


NAMM 2011 - Mixware Wrap-Up

The DJ equipment distribution company Mixware did it real big this year at NAMM 2011. They brought us a slew of new Decksaver protection covers and a few new Reloop Controllers of different flavors that are sure to suit any DJ's style. As I reported last week during the NAMM show, Decksaver has released their covers for the Traktor Kontrol S4, Pioneer CDJ-850, American Audio VMS4, the Vestax VFX-1, and the Vestax Typhoon/Spin controller. Reloop has just released the Jockey 3, the Contour Controller, and the Contour Interface MIDI controllers for all the DJ's in the US to drool over. Press release, details, and pics inside.


NAMM 2012 Video: DJ-Tech Dragon 2

The newest DJ Equipment company to hit the scene also showed up at the NAMM show this year bearing nice gifts for DJ's to enjoy. Introducing the new DJ Tech Dragon 2 all-in-one Digital DJ Controller. This new controller has lots of cool features at an affordable price. Check out the full rundown video by Andrew from DJ Tech straight from the NAMM show floor after the jump.


NAMM 2015: New Decksaver Covers

Decksaver Covers are our favorite way to protect DJ and Production gear here at the Labs. We have Decksavers for the Stanton ST.150's, the Traktor Z2 mixer, the NI Maschine Studio, the Vestax VCI-400, and more. Decksaver continues to add to their lineup at this year's NAMM 2015 show with the new covers being released for various DJ & Production gear that has been released in the last year including the S8, NV, PLX-1000, and more.