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Serato Announces Serato DJ PRO & Serato DJ LITE

Serato DJ & Serato DJ Intro have been replaced by Serato DJ Pro & Serato DJ Lite.
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Serato DJ and Serato DJ Intro have both replaced by Serato DJ PRO and Serato DJ LITE.  These new updates provide decent incremental upgrades that make it easy for users to differentiate the products and adds a clearer picture for the future of the Serato Software as a whole. 

Serato DJ PRO & Serato DJ LITE now include a new "practice" feature that allows DJ's to use the software without connecting a compatible controller. This means that it is easier for DJ's to prepare parts of their sets and test out different mixes before going live in a performance or without the use of a controller—though, there may be an issue without having separate outputs to cue on the back end. 

The Practice mode is by far the biggest update and a feature that Serato users (including myself) were waiting to see added in the next iteration.



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Serato DJ PRO also has support for 64-bit computers, high-resolution display support, Performance Pad View, and overall better support, while Serato DJ LITE also has support for 64-bit computers, high-resolution display support, and a Performance Pad mode. 

Check out the video announcements for the new software below.



Serato DJ 1.8 Announced

The new Serato DJ 1.8 software has been announced and it will include some major new updates like the ability to remap DJ controller functions and Key Detection/Key Shifting.


Rane Announces the Sixty-Four Serato DJ Mixer

Now that the Serato DJ 1.5.0 cat is out of the bag, the Rane Sixty-Four Serato DJ certified Mixer has also been announced. The new Rane Sixty-Four Mixer will be one of two mixers out on the market in October that will work perfectly with the new Serato DJ 1.5.0 DJ software right out of the box. The Sixty-Four Mixer sports dual USB ports for easy DJ changes, on-board effects, Serato DJ MIDI controls, and can support up to four external Serato NoiseMap Vinyl/CD control decks at once.


Serato DJ Numark Mixtrack Pro III Demo [Video]

The new Numark Mixtrack III & Mixtrack Pro III entry-level DJ controllers are on their way. The new versions of the Mixtrack III have a new streamlined and simple layout, taller and higher resolution jog wheels, large 100mm pitch sliders, and a touch-sensitive strip above the jog wheels for effects and track scrolling/searching. Check out this quick demo/performance video by Kristina from Serato DJ to see how the Mixtrack Pro III works with the flagship software.


Serato DJ Intro Software Announced

At this year's BPM show overseas, Rane has announced a new and affordable DJ software called Serato Itch. Serato Itch will be able work with different DJ controllers from lots of manufacturers for DJ playback. Right now, Serato Itch will work with the Vestax Typhoon and the VCI-100MkII DJ controllers and is available for free download at the Serato website. The Serato Intro software is like another version of Scratch Live and Serato Itch minus some features that beginner and playback DJ's don't need. Download link and press release after the jump.


Pioneer Announces DDJ-SX for Serato DJ

Serato DJ software was just announced today and with it came the announcement of its newest and first official DJ controller called the Pioneer DDJ-SX. The new Pioneer DDJ-SX looks to be one of the most professional-grade DJ controllers from Pioneer to-date with a brushed metal chassis and heavy duty appearance. The DDJ-SX will be very tightly integrated with the Serato DJ software and below each jog wheel there are (8) velocity-sensitive performance pads that can be used for Cue-points, Loop Rolls, Slicer, and the SP-6, similar to the way Vestax VCI-380 does it today with Serato ITCH. Check out the hardware breakdown and official words after the jump.


Numark Mixtrack Pro + Akai LPD8 = Free Serato DJ Upgrade

For a limited time, DJ's who purchase both a new Mixtrack Pro Digital DJ controller and an Akai LPD8 MIDI Pad controller will get a Free copy of the new full-powered Serato DJ software. The Mixtrack Pro is one of the best selling entry-level DJ controllers of all time and with an Akai LPD8 controller also in the mix, there are plenty more functions within the full-powered Serato DJ software that the DJ can control. I'm not sure how long this deal is going to last, so act now before the deal is gone! Details inside.