Pioneer DJ Announces Updates to KUVO

KUVO now allows DJ's to upload Videos & Mixes for others to find & play.
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KUVO now allows DJ's to upload Videos & Mixes for others to find & play.

Pioneer DJ today has announced a major update to their KUVO software, which will allow DJ's who use the app to upload mixes and performance videos for party-goers to discover. DJs can also communicate with their followers by letting them know which clubs they are performing at next, and display playlists of what they previously used in the mix.  

KUVO also has a new club map feature which shows the hottest clubs and what DJ is playing there at any given time. It also has a new "Discover Mode," that allows party-goers to find new music and mixes easily.  Check out the list of new features below, and head on over to for more info on the one-stop social network for DJ mixes and club events


  • Club Map is a dedicated map that allows users to find places where DJs and friends are checking in, or events that match your preferred genres. You can even discover past DJ mixes/playlists from the venue, or venues that play the music you love in unfamiliar places.
  • Find mixes posted by DJs playing in your local area. Or select another city to discover DJs, parties, events and new clubs.
  • Listen to mixes from DJs around the world. Recent posts with high ratings are recommended to you.
  • See more personalized information, such as mixes posted by DJs who you follow. When people you follow mark a mix as a favorite, you can share that information and listen to the mix.
  • When you’re listening to a mix on KUVO, you can see the playlist if it’s been shared by the DJ, plus information about the DJ’s upcoming gigs. This means you can use KUVO to not only discover new music, but also clubs and parties that match your musical tastes.



[Video] Pioneer XDJ-AERO Remote Control Update

The Pionner XDJ-Aero All-in-one Wireless DJ system is a compact and versatile machine that allows DJ's to playback music using many different media formats including live streaming via wireless devices running the Remotebox software or App. Pioneer has just released the new XDJ-Aero 3.0 Firmware upgrade and Rekordbox 1.2 that now allows users to control functions of the mix such as loops and effects directly from a mobile device.


Cross DJ Free 2.3 Update Released

Cross DJ Free is a completely free DJ software created by the Mixvibes team that's great for beginners who want to learn the digital DJ game. CrossDJ Free 2.3 allows users to mix tracks, scratch, loop, and set hot cues in the same familiar waveform layout that most other DJ software also use. CrossDJ Free 2.3 also works with iTunes libraries, the iPad and the iPhone. Check out the full press release for more features and 100% free download links inside.


Serato DJ 1.7.6 Update: Denon DS1 [Videos]

Last night Serato DJ has released a new update to their flagship Software to provide additional compatibility for new products. This new Serato DJ 1.7.6 update specifically allows users to now purchase a new 24-bit Denon DS1 professional DJ soundcard for Serato Noisemap vinyl or CD control with external mixers and turntables or CD decks. The new Serato DJ 1.7.6 update also has a few other fixes for minor bugs within the software. Check out the quick videos that show the new Denon DS1 in action both with Vinyl and CD setups.


Pioneer DJM900nexus DJ Mixer Announced

The Pioneer DJM900nexus Professional Mixer has just been announced and it is already making waves in the DJ industry. Poised as the successor to the largely successful DJM-800, this all new super-mixer from Pioneer is full of some excellent features not found anywhere else such as: Brand new on-board touchpad Effects, Internal soundcard with timecode control capabilites (Traktor Pro Certified), direct USB connectivity, full integration with Pioneer CDJ's, and an excellent track-record when it comes to quality. Video, Pricing, and Press Release Inside.


[Video] Pioneer DJM-2000nexus Announced

Pioneer has just announced the all-new and super-powerful DJM-2000nexus professional DJ Mixer. This new mixer makes the perfect companion to the CDJ-2000nexus media players and can do things no other mixer can do. The DJM-2000nexus has a cool new 5.8-inch full-color multi-touch screen to control effects, a built-in Live sampler for recording and playback, and a cool Pro DJ-Link LAN cable section which allows users to sync and connect up to four CDJ's and two laptops. Check out the video, press release, and my full breakdown inside.


Pioneer Provides Rekordbox Software to All DJ's For Free

For the thousands of DJ's (if not a hundred thousand)who are using Pioneer Decks; Pioneer has announced that it will be releasing a new program for download called "Redbox" which actively manages and categorizes an entire music library using many different types of parameters that DJ's use to find their music as quickly as possible...And get this...ITS 100% FREE!