Pioneer DDJ-XP1 Rekordbox Controller Review

Watch DJ Blaze review the Pioneer DDJ-XP1 Rekordbox Auxiliary Controller
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Built for rekordbox DJ compatibility, the Pioneer DDJ-XP1 has 32 RGB backlit pads, two FX touch strips, and many more controls for the software. 

Watch our complete review video below, and check out our pros and cons below to see if this controller fits in your own Rekordbox setup.


  • Solid Build Quality (Easy Travel/storage)
  • 32 RGB Backlit Performance Pads!
  • Pad Editor Mode: Customize Pads to work for Different Functions
  • Perfect for Keyboard/Tone-Play Routines
  • Comes Bundled with Rekordbox DJ & DVS Plug-In


  • Only Works with Rekordbox Out of the Box
  • Lack of Traditional FX Controls

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