Numark NS6II Review

Watch our full review of the Numark NS6II Serato DJ Pro Controller.
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The Numark NS6II has the same all-metal durability of the original and four channels of Serato DJ control, with the new pad modes and functions with onboard LCD screens in the center of the jog wheels to bring it into the new generation of DJ controllers.

We reviewed the original NS6 Controller years ago and it was one of our favorite Serato Itch controllers of the time. Now we have the NS6II in the lab.

The new NS6II still has that same rugged looks but comes with a few more features that work well with the new Serato DJ.


  • Solid Metal Build Quality
  • Standalone Mixer Mode (Serato DVS Upgrade Ready)
  • Dual USB Soundcard for Easy DJ Changeovers
  • Touch Sensitive Controls (EQ, FX, Filters
  • Great Jog Wheel Resolution & Central Display
  • Mini Akai MPC Pads for all Serato DJ Performance Modes 


  • Jog wheel Central Display takes up precious scratching space
  • Plastic Cross/Line Fader Feel   

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Numark has just announced a new entry-level controller called the Numark Mixtrack Platinum. The Mixtrack Platinum builds upon the Mixtrack Pro 3 by adding new LCD displays at the center of each platter to give lots of Serato DJ Intro playback information as well as 4-deck control, and gain controls for each channel. The Mixtrack Platinum also has full metal jog wheels to give it more durability and a more solid feel for DJ's.


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Numark has just announced a new update to their first super-successful professional Serato DJ controller. It's called the Numark NS6II and it sports the same all-metal durability and four channels of Serato DJ control with the new pad modes and functions with on-board LCD screens in the center of the jog wheels to bring it into the new realm of DJ controllers. Check out the full press release, video, and details after the jump.


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The Numark Mixtrack Quad is the 4-deck version of the newly released (and reviewed) Mixtrack Pro II Digital DJ controller. The Mixtrack Quad comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE and the user gets two additional decks/channels to mix with, multi-colored LED's on the performance pads/jog wheels, and even better construction for added durability. We're currently working on the full HD-Video and written review which will be completed shortly, but be sure to watch the unboxing and first impressions video to see what comes in the box.


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DJ Andre Kato gives us a full video review of the all-new Numark Mixdeck Midi Controller DJ system. Announced at this year's NAMM, the Numark Mixdeck has all types of features including an iPOD dock station, USB Hard Drive port, and the same two Disc drives found on the Numark NDX-800. On top of that, you can use the Numark Mixdeck with your favorite DJ software such as Serato and Traktor. Check inside for the full video review!


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The Brand new Numark NV Controller promises to change the game by adding two 4.3-inch full color displays above each jog wheel deck so that users can see waveforms, cue points, loops, music libraries, effects, and all the other important visual information in Serato so that DJ's can put the laptop away for good. Check out our quick unboxing & first impressions video to see all that comes with the NV before our official Review.