Pioneer DJ HDJ-S7 Headphones Announced

The Pioneer HDJ-S7 on-ear headphones are lightweight for Marathon DJ's.
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Pioneer's DJ division has introduced a brand new set of headphones for the performers who play for long hours and need quality sound to get them through. 

The new Pioneer DJ HDJ-S7 headphones fit nicely on-the-ear and are lightweight for extended mixing sessions. Even though the HDJ-S7 headphones are lightweight, they claim to have great durability and have even passed some military spec tests that prove they hold up to DJ's abuse. 

The Pioneer DJ HDJ-S7 will be available in May 2018 for the MSRP of $199.00 and we'll be sure to get a set in the lab to put them through our own tests.



Pioneer HDJ-700 Headphones Announced [Video]

Today, Pioneer has announced their newest DJ headphones, the HDJ-700. It looks to me like the new HDJ-700 will likely replace the entry-level HDJ-500 Headphones that we reviewed some four years ago. The HDJ-700 headphones have an "on-ear" fit come in a few different color schemes. The HDJ-700 have a replaceable/removable cable, and one earcup can swivel for easy one-ear monitoring. Check out the quick press release and intro video inside.


Pioneer HDJ-C70 Headphones Unboxing [Video]

The new Pioneer HDJ-C70 Professional DJ headphones have a compact and lightweight design with 40mm on-ear drivers with comfortable memory foam in the earcups that can rotate 90-degrees in either direction. The Pioneer HDJ-C70 also has removable and replaceable headband, housing, cushions, earcups, and cables which means they can continue to be a go-to pair of headphones for a very long time. Check our unboxing video to see the HDJ-C70's up close.


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Pioneer HDJ-2000-K Headphones

Pioneer has just announced a new color option that will now be available to DJ's on their top-of-the-line DJ headphones. The Pioneer HDJ-2000's are now available in a Black and Chrome edition that are guaranteed to perform just as good or even better than they look. The Pioneer HDJ-2000-K Professional DJ headphones look great in their new color and we'll try to get a set in for a Full HD-Video Review. Pioneer is also releasing the HDJ-HC01 which is a EVA shock resistant headphone carry-case for protection and easy transport. Press release and links inside.


Pioneer HDJ-1500 Headphones in Gold [Video]

Pioneer DJ has announced that they are releasing the popular HDJ-1500 headphones in an all-gold-everything edition. The new Gold Pioneer HDJ-1500-N headphones have the same exact properties and features as the original HDJ-1500's we reviewed a few years ago. They are a great set of over-the-ear headphones for DJ's and now they are available in Gold, Black, Silver, or White.


Pioneer DJ Introduces New Over-Ear HDJ Headphone Models

Pioneer has announced three new models of the HDJ over-ear headphones!