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IK Multimedia Unveils UNO Synth

A true-analog, ultra-portable monophonic synthesizer for beginners and experts alike.

IK Multimedia has unveiled its premier hardware synthesizer, UNO Synth. Designed for musicians who desire rich, true analog sound, the UNO Synth is a monophonic synth which offers a wide sound palette and easy programmability in an ultra-portable, battery-powered format for on-the-go music creation, live performance or studio recording–all at an affordable price.

The UNO Synth is born of a combination between IK Multimedia's two decades of experience in software and hardware development, the expertise of Italian boutique synthesizer maker Soundmachines, and IK's synth guru Erik Norlander (one of the brains behind acclaimed synth designs including the Alesis Andromeda). The result is a no-compromise instrument that delivers massive analog sound along with hands-on programmability and advanced features.

UNO Synth ranges from classic to modern sounds to create music in any genre. Beginner users get instant gratification from this easy-to-use instrument, and experienced pros will also love its rich sound and easy portability.

It includes:

  • An all-analog audio path with 2 VCOs, noise generator, resonant multimode VCF and VCA
  • 2 independent VCOs with Saw, Triangle and Pulse waveforms with continuously variable shape including PWM of the square wave plus a separate white noise generator
  • A 2-pole OTA-based analog resonant sweepable multimode filter (LP/HP/BP) with overdrive
  • 7 LFO waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Square, Up Saw, Down Saw, Random and Sample-and-Hold) to modulate Pitch, Filter, Amp and continuous oscillator wave shapes including PWM

This highly flexible engine excels in producing the rich, warm, punchy, deep bass sounds that are the core of a high-quality monophonic synth, and brings a wide sonic palette of leads, drones, arps, sequences, sweeps, and effects.

While UNO Synth is monophonic, its two independent oscillators can be tuned differently to generate interesting pad-like interval sounds and octaves. Pulse width modulation of each oscillator offers advanced modular-style timbres from classic synths.



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Some of its powerful-programming features include:

  • UNO Synth comes with 100 grab-and-go presets (80 fully rewritable)
  • More than 40 onboard controls on the top panel to give real-time access to synth engine parameters
  • 27-note onboard multi-touch keyboard that offers over two octaves of sound control as a chromatic keyboard or as a predefined scale keyboard with 13 available scales
  • Built-in, 100-pattern sequencer. Sequences can be programmed in real-time or in steps
  • In addition to a built-in delay effect, there are five instant performance modulations (Dive, Scoop, Vibrato, Wah and Tremolo) for added real-time playability and instant dynamic expression during

UNO Synth's ultra-compact dimensions make it among the smallest monophonic synths available. Its lightweight (only 400g) and battery power (4xAA included) or USB power-supply (for battery power banks) give musicians the freedom to make music anywhere.

On its own, UNO Synth can be used to make music whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. The built-in audio input also allows for daisy chaining other external audio devices (like drum machines) with no additional mixer, for a small footprint and extreme portability.

MIDI IN and OUT enables connection to a master keyboard or any MIDI gear for use in a live or studio rig as a sound module. Via USB MIDI, UNO Synth also conveniently integrates directly with a DAW running on Mac/PC computers or mobile devices, without additional hardware interfaces.

Pre-Order the UNO Synth on Reverb today, scheduled to ship on June 20, 2018.



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